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The Scarlet Chorus

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The Scarlet Chorus[/b][/size]


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[tr][td]Location:[/td][td]Scattered throughout Lohaar[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Leader:[/td][td]No known leader[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Cause:[/td][td]Corruption in the government[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Goals:[/td][td]Overthrow the monarchy[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Methods:[/td][td]Terrorism, protests[/td][/tr][/table]

[b][color=#cf1313]The Scarlet Chorus has been labelled as a terrorist group by Her Majesty Queen Novaaria Rousseau I, any person(s) with information about this group will be rewarded handsomely. 

It is unknown when the Scarlet Chorus officially formed, though it is believed they came together on November 25th, 2022 after the death of Marquise Laelius Arven, who also served as the queens main advisor. Laelius was to become the king of Lohaar in spring of 2024 after marrying Queen Novaaria Rousseau. On the morning of November 25th, Laelius departed from the palace and got onto a train to parade around the city to celebrate his birthday. Two hours into the ride as the train slowly rode on past a construction site, a crane fell onto the car Laelius was in. His wounds were fatal and he died within minutes of the incident. Investigators found that a mechanism inside the crane had broken, and later in a report said that the machines old age likely caused it to strain too hard, which then led to it tipping over. The night before the incident, several people near the construction site reported hearing strange noises. The police found no one in the area, but a crane door had been left open. It was chalked up to thieves looking for wallets or other valuables that had been left behind after the day ended. A security camera from a building across the road revealed three unknown individuals sneaking in through the front entrance of the construction site. They did not appear again, and were unable to be identified.

In response to the growing suspicion about foreign involvement, the queen has denied any knowledge of the matter. In an interview with the nation's most popular newspaper, the Jungle Narrative, she stated "I cannot believe after all the years of their loyal support, my own people would turn against me and accuse me of killing my beloved. It makes me sick. Even if we sometimes got into arguments, it never lasted long and we always apologized afterwards." 

The name "Scarlet Chorus" began appearing all over Lohaar on the sides of buildings and in city squares, along with states such as "Down with the monarchy!" and "The queen lies." They were not given much attention until a suicide bomber screaming out "For the Scarlet Chorus!" attempted to murder Queen Novaaria. Luckily, the bombs strapped to him were crude and homemade, and did not go off. The man was publicly executed several hours afterwards. This event caused the queen to label the group as terrorists, with more of it's members being arrested or executed. The majority of people who have been arrested come from the poor or low-middle class of Lohaar, several of which claim that the Scarlet Chorus aims to redistribute wealth and jobs among all people. It is not clear that the group has any form of leadership or hierarchy, or even a city they operate out of. What is certain is that the Scarlet Chorus desires to abolish the monarchy and they suspect the queen is guilty of covering up foreign spies who might have killed Laelius. Several individuals of the group who have been arrested had numerous illegal weapons in their homes. One house even had a stockpile of bombs in the attic. 

Lohaarian police urge anyone with information to step forward.

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