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Stalin’s Bday Party [REGIONAL]


[box]Realising the lack of Socialist-Stalinism in the region, Stalin’s Bday Party will help improve Communism in [region]Bluecrown Keep[/region]. Noticing other parties are anti socialist (TDP) and other parties are not aut communist enough (NPP) Stalin’s Bday Party will surely be the best option[/box]

The king should be renamed to “General Secretary” and all other RO’s Besides the minister of Defence should be deleted.
The Minister of Defence should be changed to Secret Police, and will snoop around and ban anti Communist nations

All posts should end in “Supremacy of the Commune”
Nations without the socialism policy should be banned from posting.
All nations should give their passwords to the General Secretary and the Secret Police, who can raid accounts whenever it is felt necessary
All flags must include communist symbols such as a star or hammer and sickle.
Words like “democracy, capitalism, and JFK” are banned[/box]

[box] [b]Roleplay[/b]
All nations in the Roleplay must join as communist nations who don’t feed citizens.
Capitalism is banned from the Roleplay
All Roleplay nations must hail Stalin, Lenin, and Marx[/box]

[box] Members:
Joseph Stalin
Vladimir Lenin
Karl Marx [/box]