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Titles of Bluecrown Keep and Wooloo Pact Members

  • His Imperial and Royal Highness, Augustus Alexander Julius V of Plus Nova Imperii, Emperor of Rome, King of Italy. Defender of the Christian Faith

  • His Royal Majesty, Baloo von Bruinwald XIII of Baloo Kingdom, Emperor of Brazil and King of Portugal, Defender of The Lutheran Faith

  • Comrade General Secretary, Joseph Stalin II of Sorianora, Premier of the Soviet Socialist Empire of Sorianora, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet

  • His Excellency, Luis Bardin of Dominioan, Prime Minister of The Independent State of Quebec

  • His Excellency, Kirby Puyon of The Dream of Kirby, President of Magical Land of The Dream of Kirby

  • His Royal Majesty, Zed III of Ethics Committee of the SCPF, King of the Ethics Committee of the SCP Foundation

  • His Imperial Majesty, Alcandros Callahan of Archipelagica, Emperor of Archipelagica

  • Her Imperial Majesty, Catherine V of Mathuvan Union, Kaiserin of Mathuvan Union

  • His Royal Majesty, Edward IV of Wooloos, King of The Royal Commonwealth of Wooloos

  • His Royal Majesty, James II of North American Imperial State, King of the American Imperial State

  • Her Holiness, Kara I of Yazakhastan, Pope of Yazakhastan and The Wooloo Pact