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Discord Name (ID): [i]Dolphin#6987[/i]
Short Name: [i]Indochina[/i]
Official Name: [i]Union of Indochina[/i]
WA Nation: [i][nation]St Fabian[/nation][/i]
Map Claim: [i]Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Kouang-Tchéou-Wan (Chinese districts of Mazhang, Xiashan, Chikan, and Potou; in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province)[/i]
Capital City: [i]Saigon[/i]

Government Type: [i]Federal Constitutional Monarchy[/i]
Head of State: [i]Emperor Bảo Ân[/i]
Head of Government: [i]Prime Minister Sai Đức Toại[/i]

Estimated Population: [i]122,405,294[/i]
GDP (Nominal): [i]$1,192,156,299,528.00[/i]
GDP per capita (Nominal): [i]$9,739.42[/i]
Military Size: [i]612,026 Active, 1,224,053 Reserve (National Service)[/i]

History: [i]The Japanese Coup of 1945 never occured. Chinese forces pushed into Northern Indochina in late 1944, pushing the Japanese back towards the Southern Coast, aided by Colonial French Forces. By mid 1945, Japanese troops were pushed back to the southern coast, and were either killed or forced to surrender. Following WWII, increasing presure on the French government lead to indpedence for Indochina. The new state was established as a Federal Constitutional Monarchy, under Emperor Bảo Đại.[/i]
Role in world: [i]Regional Economic and political power.[/i]
RP Experience: [i]Extensive, NS member since 2007.[/i]