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Occultism on the rise.

Read this like a WW2 newsreel.
Good day citizens, you are listening to Rosmana Today!

Occult practices are start to gain in popularity, a group of occultists called the "Gathering of the Burning Eye" has even opened their own building, and they have called it their spiritual retreat, registering it as a wellness center, but the government is already taking steps to ban the group.

Neopagan groups such as Wiccan Covens have already claimed the group is a Neoagan faith like theirs, meaning that they have enough numbers to register as a valid religion, as they launch another wave of protests in the capital this month against the government and the Liberty Party, led by their self-proclaimed high-priestesses.

We will bring you more reports when we get more information on the subject.

The protesters in the streets of Rosmascant:

May God bless you all.