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Lasagna Armed Forces

The LAF is a sizeable military, part of the region Lasagna. Currently, it contains two branches, the Updater Force and the Reserves. The UF is responsible for quick-reaction operations, detags, and other operations that require on-update moves. The Reserves handle off-update operations. The UF is far more prestigious, but way, way harder.

Join the LAF LinkDiscord server for fun and games, plus LAF stuff if you're part of the armed forces.

To apply to join the LAF, fill out Linkthis form.

Ranks, from highest to lowest. Reserves may not progress past Corporal:

  • Minister of Defense: Overall commander of the LAF, their role depends on the person in it.

  • General: The most experienced LAF soldiers, these troops are responsible for organizing large operations.

  • Colonel: Experienced officers judged capable of leading troops in battle.

  • Lieutenant: Effectively officers in training, these troops are learning the tools of command and may lead small operations.

  • Sergeant: The Sergeant is the highest non-leadership rank and is one of the best soldiers there is. They must meet the following criteria in a test:

    Basic understanding of update mechanics (regions update in a set order)
    Prepare multiple nations for use during a single update
    Identify when a nation or region has updated during update
    Switch World Assembly membership from one nation to another within a minute during an update
    Move a nation based on a trigger (within 3s)
    Move a nation and endorse another nation based on a trigger (within 8s)
    Follow a nation into a region (within 5s)
    Follow a nation into a region and endorse the extant Delegate there (within 10s)
    Dossier Management
    Using the Activity feed to identify nations admitting to the World Assembly in a given region
    Familiarity with regional controls
    Participate in 5 updates within the past 3 months
  • Corporal: A soldier who has completed basic training and is now entering advanced training.

  • Private: A new recruit, yet to finish basic training.

Training is incredibly important. A soldier with and a soldier without training are two very different people to encounter. For this reason, the LAF will be implementing a series of training programs designed to make our soldiers as good as they possibly can be. There are three phases to this: Basic Training, Advanced Training, and Officer Training.

Basic Training will contain the very basics and be taught to Privates. During this, Privates will learn how to participate in detags, liberations, and peacekeeping operations. Upon completion, the Private will be promoted to Corporal.

Advanced Training will contain advanced non-command R/D concepts. These will include understanding update mechanics, chasing, dossier management, and the like. Upon completion, the Corporal will be promoted to Sergeant.

Sergeants who are thought to have the ability to lead operations are promoted to Lieutenant after proving themselves as a Sergeant.

Officer Training will contain operation command concepts, such as triggering, putting together operations, and the like. Upon completion, the Lieutenant will be promoted to Colonel.