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New Rules Petition

After what happened last night with Atlantican People, i have come up with these rules to prevent this from happening again
- If somebody breaks the regions rules once they get a warning, after 2 warnings they will be banjected for a period of time
Warning 1
No Time
Warning 2
No Time
Warning 3
1 hour
Warning 4
1 hour 10 Minutes
Warning 5
1 Hour 20 Minutes
Warning 6
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Warning 7
1 Hour 40 Minutes
Warning 8
1 Hour 50 Minutes
Warning 9
2 Hours
Warning 10
Banned For Life
-For every warning after 2 they get 10 more minutes added to their ban time.
But after Warning 10 they are banjected for life. Never to come back

Warnable Offences
-Racist Remark
-PG-13+ Post
-Ban Invasion
-Repeated GodMod
-Anything that breaks site rules
-But if the nation is made for just the purpose of breaking the rules they WILL be banned on sight
Nation 1 was founded just now
Nation 1 Moves to FWO
Nation 1 breaks the rules AFTER reading the rule handbook
-But if the nation has moved to FWO after coming from The Rejected Realms, make sure to check the reason why they are there, and see if they have a history of breaking region rules
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