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Constitution of Callista

Constitution of Callista

Section 1, Government

  • The Tsar has Permanent power in the region

  • The Prime Minister is an elected position with the second most power in the region. Candidates fir Prime Minister must select a Vice Minister running mate. All citizens are eligible to run

  • The Judge is an elected position with the third most power in the region, they will be in charge of settling disputes

  • Elections for Judge will occur every 4 months. The date is selected by the Tsar

  • Elections for Prime Minister occur every three months, the date is selected by the Tsar

  • The Prime Minister will serve as delegate of the region, if the Prime Minister is not in the WA, then the Vice Minister will serve as delegate, if the Vice Minister is not in the WA, the Tsar will serve as Delegate

  • The Prime Minister has emergency power, a state of emergency must be issued by the Tsar

  • The Prime Minister will select a Vice Minister as a campaign partner

  • After winning the position the Prime Minister will select their cabinet consisting of Secretary of Defence, State, Foreign Affairs, Secretary of the press, and a Private Secretary(s)

  • The Prime Minister and Vice Minister will be given all permissions

  • The Secretary of Defence is in charge of protection from raids, as well as protection from nations meaning to harm the region. The permissions given will be Border control, Communication, and polls

  • The Secretary of State is in charge of updating the WFE and moderating the RMB. The permission given will be Communication, appearance, and polls

  • The Secretary of Foreign Affairs will manage out foreign policies, as well as maintaining embassies. The permissions given will be communication, embassies, and polls

  • The Secretary of the Press will always be Callista Dispatches. The Secretary of the Press will maintain all government dispatches. The Tsar and Prime Minister will have access to this nation. The permissions given will be Communication, Appearance, and polls

  • The Private Secretary(s) will be in charge of creating polls and be an adviser to the Prime Minister

Section 2, The People

  • Nations who join the region are to be given to option of Citizenship

  • No (unbanned) nations are to be refused citizenship

  • Citizens may run for the office of Prime Minister, Vice Minister, and Judge

  • Citizens may vote for Prime Minister, Vice Minister, and Judge

  • Nations must have been admitted into Citizenship for more than 5 days to vote on government polls

  • Nations in the WA are required to endorse the delegate (Prime Minister)

  • Citizens have the right to call for a trial

  • Citizens have the right to create political parties

  • Citizens have the right to free speech and the government shall not infringe this freedom

Section 3, Judicial

  • The Judge will justly judge all cases brought before them.

  • If the Judge is not present the Prime Minister will act as judge

  • Any citizen has the right to call for a trial

  • If called for by the people, any trial can be reversed if 66% of the vote is in favor

  • Citizens can call for a vote of no confidence on the Prime Minister, Judge, or any other elected position, which if passed will force the Prime Minister or Secretary to step down. In the case of the Prime Minister, the Vice Minister will become Prime Minister

  • The Tsar cannot reverse decisions by the Judge

Section 4, Legislation

  • Any citizen may send a law proposal to the Tsar or Prime minister

  • If approved by either office the law will go into a vote by all eligible citizens and will pass with a majority vote

  • Citizens may submit a proposal to repeal a law previously passed which will pass with a majority vote

  • Citizens may call for a court case to reverse laws.

Section 5, Amendments

  • The Tsar, Prime Minister, and Judge may amend this document after discussing the amendment with the Cabinet and citizens.

  • A citizen of Callista may submit amendments to the Tsar, Prime Minister, or Judge. Should the Government vote in favor of the proposed amendment, a regional poll shall be created for citizens, with a majority vote the amendment will be passed and added to the Bill of Rights

Section 6, Roleplay

  • Only citizens and honorary citizens may join the map roleplay

  • Two roleplay moderators are to be selected by the Prime Minister. The roleplay mods are not an elected position. The Tsar may overrule the Moderators decisions

  • A cartographer is to be selected by the Prime Minister, the cartographer is to oversee and create the map. The cartographer is expected to update the map every 2-3 days

  • The time period in which the map takes place is chosen by the Prime Minister and Tsar

  • The Prime Minister shall select a Secretary who will oversee treaties and map claims

  • Disputes will be settled by the admins, the Judge may step in if needed

  • All nations will have equal opportunity in the roleplay

  • Nations may only claim a small amount of land per day

  • The Prime Minister and roleplay admins will decide the rate of days

  • Admins may give situations to a nation. These situations can be natural disasters, revolutions, and epidemics

  • Situations can be voided by the Tsar or Prime Minister

  • The Admins will judge your response, and will see if you are to be Weakened or Not.

  • World Fairs and Olympic Games can be Created by Admins

  • Members of the Roleplay may Vote on a City and Nation to Host

  • War Between Nations must have a Formal Declaration

  • You must wait for a Response when fighting an Active Nation

  • If a Nation is Inactive for 5 Days they can be Attacked

  • When Occupying land, you can use it and gain its resources

  • If they Continue to be Inactive you can Annex them

  • After two Days, an Annexed Nation can cause a Revolution

  • If they win, they gain all land Back, but If lost they cannot Revolt again

  • The Government can vote to End the roleplay and Reset

  • Citizens can vote for the end of the roleplay, the majority is needed for the vote to pass

  • Only 1 Major Power is allowed in an Alliance at any given time

Section 7, The Tsar

  • The Tsar is not an elected position, but is the founder

  • The Tsar has all permissions

  • The Tsar cannot form political parties, nor endorse any candidate

  • The Tsar cannot vote in any elections, however may vote on laws

  • The Prime Minister and judge, if both agree, can void decisions by the Tsar

  • A vote of 66% by the people can void a Tsarís decision

  • The Tsar can be forced out of the region by a vote of 66% of citizens

  • If the Tsar is banned from the region the Prime Minister has emergency powers until the region comes to a decision

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