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Vote For GA resolution Repeal "Supporting And Valuing The Humanities"

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[box][size=150][color=#265780]Resolution at Vote: [url=/page=ga]Repeal "Supporting And Valuing The Humanities"[/url][/color][/size]
[size=150][color=#265780]Vote Recommendation:[/color] [b]For[/b][/size][/box]

[size=150][color=#265780]Resolution Analysis[/color][/size]
The at-vote proposal seeks to repeal the target on the grounds that the target creates a set of unnecessarily stringent punishments, pointing to the flawed anti-corruption mechanism Clause 5 which results in a complete embargo of funds from the GAO upon a report of even the most minor misuse of funds, and fails to prevent the indirect diversion of funds.

Repeal "Supporting And Valuing The Humanities" exposes several loopholes and flaws within the target proposal, accurately and thoroughly dissecting the undue penalties in Clause 5, which, upon the most trivial of transgressions, results in the complete cut off of [i]all[/i] funding from the GAO (including funds going to other GAO-supported projects in a member nation), and pointing out the target proposal's failure in preventing dishonest usage of GAO funds, including allowing requesters to use GAO funds to fill intentional holes in their budget. 

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting [b]For[/b] the at-vote Security Council proposal "Repeal 'Supporting And Valuing The Humanities'".

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