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Vote AGAINST Commend Ariusgrad

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[box][color=#804080][b][align=center]Stance:[/align][/b][/color]Ariusgrad may be an accomplished and beloved member of Philippines, Kuriko may have written a good proposal to recognize them, but regardless, Ariusgrad is ultimately not deserving of commendation. Many allegedly significant figures are provided in the proposal, context-free. It boasts that Ariusgrad led Philippines to its largest population "in the region's history [with] 177 nations in 2017," but does not mention that it had just 65 nations a week previously, nor that this peak coincided with The Black Hawks seeking to remove Ariusgrad and many other long-serving delegates in the space of a few weeks. It lauds them for granting Philippines "warm relations with more than 100 regions at one time," an attempt to emphasise the sheer number of embassies that it holds, including such havens of spammy RMB roleplay as Lardyland, First World Order and The Wooloo Pact. Ariusgrad's long service to Phillipines is respectable, but hardly of such great note to merit this resolution.

For these reasons, the Rejected Realms' Office of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote AGAINST "Commend Ariusgrad".

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