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by The Imperial Sultanate of Greater Ismir. . 860 reads.

Greater Cyngland IRL World Map

Greater Ismir: All Prescottian colonies in America
Grand Empire of Prussia: Austria and Denmark
Saint-Gregory: Cuba
The Shadows Imperium: Norway
Western Prescott: Greenland
Jagaira: France, Italy
Imperialist Scotland: Scotland and Oklahoma
The esoteric order of the black hand: Both Sudans
Southern Prescott: Great Britain, Beijing
Herzgevenia: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Prescottian Siberia

How do you get on the map? Well, to get on the map is simple. Just telegram me saying where you want to be, and what color you'd like. But that is for new countries on the map. If a country already on the map asked for more land, they would still have to telegram, just say the territory that I need to add.

The website I use is MapChart. I use it for the IRL map, and for some random maps.