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Friends and Enemies

Comrades! (Friends)
Literally could be anyone who doesn't believe in hateful ideologies like nationalism, fascism, Nazism, or jihadism, but...
    Cohuila Y Tejas (Isaac/Cohuila) - My NPO bestie, close IRL friend, and fellow memer and Robloxian. We are in the same 5th period class. We like to study together on some nights.
    Proctethia (Procty) - My decently friendly fox friend that likes to nitpick on everything that I say. And NEVER FORGET BOAT!
    Laamiva - My frog-rabbit thing friend and fellow gamer (though she doesn't play Roblox). But NEVER FORGET BOAT!
    The great parkguinius (Parky) - My penguin friend who is, for some reason, psychotic, and does weird stuff to random people (including me).
    FiHami/The Gilded Ray (Phoenix) - My phoenix friend who is a former TSPer and legislator, and is the Stellar Phoenix of Inferno Stellaria. During her term as Minister of Defense, she was a great teacher and helped me learn to defend. Most wholesome out of everyone listed here <3
    Imperial Dodo (Swifty) - My bear friend who is a fellow gamer (not Roblox, though) and SPSF soldier. His immaturity sometimes amuses me and at other times displeases me.
    Purple Hyacinth (Hya) - My flower friend who is also the Chair of the Assembly and a somehow busy procrastinator. I sometimes feel like I am too annoying to her
    North Prarie (Prarie) - Some random dude who's a fellow SPSF soldier, as well as and the founder of Komme Sammen.
    Doge Land (Waffle) - Fellow Robloxian. I can only assume that he has the same meme-ish personality that I do, and I like that. Is friends with Maple (see below).
    Beepee - TSP's WA Delegate. Overall charming and charismatic guy.
    Witchcraft and Sorcery (W&S) - Minister of Defense. He seems hardcore but is also pretty chill, I guess. Thanks for giving Officer training!
    Uvalor - Lil dude who likes to talk to me. Thank you for reaching out to me about your problems, I can help any time ^_^
    Concrete Slab (CS) - Literally just a concrete slab. He taught me a little lesson about tolerance, and he seems to be supportive of whatever I present to him.

Uhh... (Neutral)

    Western Fardelshufflestein (Fardel/WF) - Former enemy during the Great Durian War. I have friendly relations with him today.
    Shangyuen - Fellow socialist nation, legislator, and SPSF member, but he likes to nitpick on everything that I say, just like Procty does. Too bad he left TSP due to some controversy, though.
    Volaworand (Vola) - A fun, enjoyable penguin. However, I lost two elections due to his endorsements of Drystar and Beepee in order to maintain Auphelian influence. >:(
    Eareamland (Maple) - NEVER FORGET THE CURSED GUNS! He is my friend now, though, and also a fellow Robloxian. Is friends with Waffle (see above).
    Varanius (Vara) - Why the heck do you kick puppies? They're such adorable and innocent creatures! He also brainwashed me into doing puppy kicking
    The Moonstar (Dami) - Gives a middle finger to literally everyone and anyone, but is very wise and experienced in lots of things. IT'S MELIX, NOT MEELIX!
    Ipugao and Taigama - Were inspired by my good hospitality towards new South Pacificans to do the same.

I want to yeet them into the void.

    RMB trolls and spammers - Aww, you're so cute and funny! NOW GET SMITED BY THE MIGHTY HAMMERS OF THE CRS AND/OR THE NATIONSTATES MODERATORS!!!
    J o J - A South Pacifican attempts to condemn you for your collaboration with hateful ideologies, and you decide to steal Psomewhere from us in response? HOW DARE YOU, NATIONALIST SCUM!
    Two nationalists (which I do not want to name) - You've attempted to infiltrate the glorious democracy of TSP with your decadent ideology, huh? You deserved that banjecting!