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The Hya Cult

On November 13, 2020, there was a short but interesting exchange in the (private, sorry :P) Legislators' Lounge channel of the South Pacific's official Discord server.

Purple Hyacinth:
Time for another "Hya has to ask the Assembly what to do because there are INCONSISTENCIES" moment:

Is it "Legislators" or "legislators"?

(no, I haven't looked through every single law, but the Charter spells it both ways


Addendum because I have now looked through all of the laws with "legislator" in them: they all say "legislators" (except at the beginning of sentences of course), so the only place "Legislator" shows up is three times in the Charter
I'm leaning towards "legislators", because 1) I like it better, 2) that's less work for me to edit it 😛

Islands of unity:
The bottom part of the L in the word Legislator was the only thing that was good in my life Hya... 😛

Can there just be a new law that makes Hya Chair for Lyfe?

The Hyararchy Act.



Blessed be the Great Hya, Ruler of All, Mother of Legislators, Purple of Hyacinth, Flower of the Petal, Fixer of Typos.


Imperial Dodo:
did i hear a HYA CULT...

And thus the great Hya Cult was born, causing several people in the server (including me) to change their nicknames. :P

(To address any possible concerns of espionage, the Chair of the Assembly Purple Hyacinth has permitted this information to be shared.)

(The Criminal Code says "(3) Espionage shall be defined as an act of or attempt to obtain information that is confidential or not made publicly available for use by oneself or an entity one represents. Distribution of private information that originates in official South Pacific discussion areas, excluding private messages, without the express written permission of the relevant officials or institutions shall be considered Espionage.
a. The Chair of the Assembly shall be the relevant official for information from private discussions of the Assembly.")