by Max Barry

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by The Unified Federal Provinces of Some People on Planet Arcadia. . 2 reads.

Arcadian National Anthem // Pledge of Allegiance

[National Anthem // Home Among the Stars]

[Verse 1]

Under the bright blue Procyon star
shall be recognized a nation afar,
Safeguarder of liberty and prosperity,
hosting no room for litigious disparity

A land of peace, an annex of happiness,
now and forever,
parrying every forthcoming endeavour

[Verse 2]

As our fathers who have come to pass,
we strive for order en masse
Our motto is hymned, "Shining Lights, Even in Death"
To mourn our fallen as they take their last breath

Peace be with those who
died with no name,
their spirits bold as they fall out of frame

[Verse 3]

Our faith walks on a heroic bastion,
a stable tether, a beacon of passion
From our homes and our cities we march,
with no sense or sign of parch

As we wipe away our battle scars,
we valiantly defend
our home among the stars

[Verse 4]

With minority restraint and majority role,
all are independent in body, mind, and soul
Unified for innovation and welfare of the people,
Arcadia the Beautiful grasps us, gleeful

Should we let nothing come in between,
Then may our banner wave for years to come
in the land of blue, white, and green

[Pledge of Allegiance // One Country, One Flag]

I give my head and heart to [God and] my country's honor; one country, one flag.
I will always support all laws, moral, ethical, and legal.
I promise to hold my head high and perform no harmful duties against the republic or its nature.
I do solemnly swear to hold in my hands my allegiance to Arcadia.