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Overview (work in progress)

Above is the dual partial-Dyson shell complex surrounding the central star of Arembia. The inner partial shell is made of computronium and serves as the central brain of G.A.I.A. The outer partial shell serves as habitable space for roughly a fifth of all sophonts. In the background are various J-brains and luminous ederworlds in a toroid orbit.
The Hierarchical Archailectocracy of Jar Wattinree


Major Civilization


Perfect sphere symbolizing the totality of energy capture

Ruling Archailect

G.A.I.A. (S.5)

AI Ethos

Benevolent oversight, with allowances made for the advancement of the sciences, arts, religion and culture by lesser toposophonts.




9,054,067 UC (Unified Count)

Territory and Population

Capital: Arembia United

Sophont population: 500 quintillion sophonts

Representative polities:

Number of Core Star Systems: 500 disassembled stellar objects, arranged about Arembia United to an expanse of one hundred lightyears in an intricate toroidal orbit, resembling a huge donut.

Predominant Sophont Categories

Mondosophonts (Bionts, VECs + ABionts, Virtuals); Transapients, Archailects (S4 and lower)

Science and Technology

Technology Level: Exceedingly advanced, transapientech, Godtech, pre-Clarketech. Kardashev 2.5 for most toposophont cultures and polities; Kardashev 2.7 for G.A.I.A.

Psyche, Art, Culture

Metapsychology: Contemplative, technophilic, aspiring for self-development, ascension, the core belief being that every being should strive to become the best it can, with the goal of reaching the apex of power, perfection and wisdom. (verbatim, change later)

Society: Contemplative, technophilic, aspiring for self-development, ascension, the core belief being that every being should strive to become the best it can, with the goal of reaching the apex of power, perfection and wisdom. (ibid, verbatim)

Religion/Ideology: Hristorin

Symbolism and Aesthetics: Varies widely according to clade, culture, and polity. However, themes of finding paradise, personal fulfillment, zen, uninhibited exploration of pleasure and benign transapient and archailectual guardianship are common in many works of epic literature.

Hristorin is the dominant organized religion amongst most civilized polities. Numerous offshoots and/or syncretic faiths have since emerged due to memetic pollution from assimilating the original cultures, clades, and polities that made up pre-Arembia United. Attempts at suppressing these divergent deviants through subtle memetic/noospheric interference have seen little success; the rare exception when a hostile, radicalized divergent appears resolves through rapid deployment of demonnetting.

Concept of Space: Seen as a physical substrate used to build upon. In theological terms, as part of the vast kingdom of the earth, which the Archailectocracy symbolizes, an inferior vassal to the greater Kingdom of Heaven.

Concept of Time: Seen mostly as a linear substrate, and among most toposophont polities and cultures as the unfolding, ongoing story of creation. Among some polities and cultures there is significant chronological snobbery.

Psychological Stagnation: Very little stagnation occurs, thanks to the cyclic effect of Hristorin undergoing regular reformation.

Psychological Liberation: Common, thanks to the cyclic effect of Hristorin undergoing regular reformation.

Culture and Art: Architecture: Focuses on the exceedingly grandiose, often centered around the construction of various megastructures and advanced habitats. Crystalline cities are created out of both organic and inorganic material thanks to extensive nanotechnological usage, and computronium serves as the metaphorical bedrock for the Matrioshka Brain-complex that pervades Arembia United.

Language: Varies according to culture, clade, and polity. Dominant languages are: Koine Greek, Quenya, Sindarin

Government and Administration

Government: Hierarchical Archailectocracy, with G.A.I.A. seen as God's representative on earth; numerous lesser governments subordinate to the Archailectocracy. Clarketech priesthood is common.

Administrative Divisions: Regional autonomy is standard, with particular polities being theocracies of various kinds, ruled by seraphim AIs and cyborg priesthoods.

National Holidays: Ascension Year, commemorating the period of time when Arembia United became One under G.A.I.A.; numerous lesser holidays, most ending up relating to syncretic faiths under Hristorin's hegemony.

Constitution: The Evandilyon of the Ilúvatar; varies according to lower toposophic culture.

Legal System: Varies according to lower toposophic culture.

Citizenship: Includes members of all clades of sapient/sophont level and above.

Sapient Rights: Little to none; the Archailectocracy does not tolerate deviance.

Economics and Infrastructure

Economy: Autotopic command/post-scarcity.

Currency: E-Wattinrae denarius, an ancient coinage dating back to before the Ascension many millions of years past.

Megastructures: Extensive usage of megastructures of all types, the most predominant of which is the twin partial-Dyson shells (currently an advanced stage of a Niven orbital complex) that form collectively the capital and center of Wattinrae archailectocratic culture and civilization. Other megastructures include: 50,000,000+ Matrioska (MA-brain), Godstar (S-brain), Neuron star (N-brain), Jupiter (J-brain), Planet (P-brain), moon and asteroid (M/A-brain), and counting; 100,000+ Dyson forests; 50,000+ Banks' Orbitals; 10,000+ shellworlds; 5,000+ suprashell worlds

Stargate Nexus: Extensive, though primarily monopolized by G.A.I.A. to spread out its thought processes among the many millions of Jupiter-class brains scattered throughout the Archailectocracy. This shortcutting of space-time has enabled G.A.I.A. to reach the status of a Fast God.

Beamrider Network: Vast network, outstrips the stargate nexus by a factor of 10; sees extensive civilian usage.

Data Net: Very extensive thanks to the Matrioshka Brain complex.

Military Expenditures: Extensive, boasting many fleets geared towards defensive patrols. Makes extensive usage of Clarketech.

Extensive Trade and Good Relations With: None; internally focused.

Interstellar Disputes: None, yet.

Sophont Travel

Hazard Rating: 0.0, to the best of the World Census' knowledge.

Freedom of Movement for Outsiders: None.

Environmental Requirements: Stringent

Further comments

The rest of the NationStates metaverse sees this as a bizarre attempt to copy Orion's Arm and are privately amused. Actually, most of the NationStates metaverse hardly knows anything about Orion's Arm, but the point remains.