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Layem Times Issue 25

Saturday, November 14th, 2020 - - - Confederacy of Layem


Layem Minecraft Realm Returns

by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

After several months of waiting, the Layem Minecraft realm has finally been brought back! Here’s everything you need to know about the new realm:

Early Hours

Yesterday, around noon at 12:17 AM, Maur sent out a message in the Discord server that read “The Minecraft realm has returned”. People started flocking to the realm in the first few hours of its revival, many getting diamonds within the first day. People started teaming up, going against each other, and working together to have some fun.


Like in the last realm, we have factions. Factions are like countries; they are teams of people that live close together and go to war with other people. There are currently 2 factions, 1 of which not having official recognition by the admins. Those factions are named Stonefort and Atunefaire.

Stonefort is made up of Mauroa and friends, with Atunefaire being populated by Baaas and Kermit (Russberlin).

If you want to create a faction, please keep in mind the Rules of War, listed in the official Layem Minecraft Realm Discord server.

Spawn Area

The spawn area of the Layem Minecraft Realm is quite the location. When joining the Realm for the first time, you’re spawned near a little lake. Across the lake and close to the tall mountains is a village, which gives you the chance to trade with the villagers once you obtain emeralds.

In conclusion, the Minecraft realm is a great place to get engaged in the Layem community. If you decide to join, please read the rules (there aren’t many, and the ones we have are very easy to follow) and have fun!

Libertanny Wins Re-Election As The East Pacific's WA Delegate

by Politics and Courts Correspondent Nexus Sierra

During the region's race for a new delegate, the nation of Libertanny ran against several political candidates, which included contenders varying from Atlae to another fellow named Marrabuk. Among the multitude of opponents, several familiar faces arose including his predecessor Marrabuk, as well as Zukchiva, SirShadow, and Lerasi too.

Libertanny’s campaign focused on continuing the work and projects that he began in the previous term predating the re-election platform. This included an entire restructuring of the regional government system in TEP. The results of this new change saw the split-up of the Ministry of Information and Communication into the Bureau of News and Records and the Ministry of Publishing. On top of that, the delegate introduced the Ministry of Virtual Enhancement and the Bureau of Public Affairs as well. Libertanny cooperated to establish the Consortium, a military and diplomatic cooperative between The East Pacific and five other regions, including The Free Nations Region and Union of Force in there as well. Regarding a new approach to foreign affairs, the nation of Libertanny directed his region TEP towards Imperialists, Independents, and Defenders; under his administration. The EPSA was able to organize the biggest defender operation in NationStates history, with 50 EPSA soldiers partaking. In the foreseeable future, he intends to partake in several projects, such as creating a World Assembly development program, developing stronger relations with allied regions, translating regional dispatches, improving the Ministry of Education, and continuing to improve the interregional Paradoxical event. He also plans to cultivate an active region, not just in government but in the community as a whole accordingly.

The East Pacific's Delegate Election Results

Voting for the election ended on October 16, 2020, with a total of 51 votes being cast. Libertanny won a majority victory on the first count with 63% of the vote, followed by Zukchiva on 17%, Marrabuk on 6%, and the remaining 14% divided between the remaining candidates. Libertanny's re-election represents a stronger mandate to continue pressing his vision on what he feels is the best path forward for his region.


Opinion: Biden Defeats Trump in an Election with Record Turnout

by Columnist SomethingIsWrongHere

Biden Won!
Says this canadian.

This is different!
I joined as an opinion columnist, and I haven’t shared my opinion in à while.
So here is my Opinion! The US election from the Perspective of à Canadian!
So… My opinion on Trump was very bad. He is one of, if not THE worst president the US has ever had. And that's from an outsider. In general, he managed the country in à Horrifying way, and when covid hit, he got worse 10 fold. I was extremely excited to see that Biden won, but not so happy to see that Trump was always only around 50 electoral votes behind. Annoying.
The number of voters was insane this time round. Apparently, it was the most, ever. Which is kinda sad, ya know.

There is also tension. It is the US election, yet the ENTIRE WORLD was concerned with the turnout, now more than ever.
I also heard that some places needed to board up their windows, as to not get broken into by rioters. But when Biden won, there was wide-spread euphoria and general relief that Trump was gone.

Thankfully, He is, and we can (hopefully) rest in peace after he is taken out of office in January.
And at that, I will leave you with this last message:

‘Why do we have to vote between the lesser of two evils-
Why not the better of two goods?”

Nation Interview Season 2, Edition 2: South Acren

by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

Welcome to the Second Edition of the Second Season of the Nation Profile series, in which I, the Editor-in-Chief, interview Layemese people all about their NationStates nation. This week, I’m interviewing South Acren, who has been here since the beginning and now has a population of 6 Billion. He’s been the leader of the fight against zombies in Z-Day and the fight against nuclear bombs in N-Day! Without further ado, let’s get into the interview.

How do you govern your nation? What are your beliefs?

Absolute/Constitutional Monarchy. It's a weird system but it works well. My personal political beliefs are common beliefs for a conservative. Strong Military, Isolationism, High Economy, etc.

How often are you active?

South Acren: Almost every day.

Why did you join NationStates?

South Acren: To pass time. I'm glad to have actually stayed.

Why did you name your nation the name it has?

South Acren: It kinda came randomly lol. Started as Acrenisa but shorted it to South Acren.

Why does your nation have the flag it has?

South Acren: Shows our connection to Technology and the Future, while still holding our connection to the past.

Give me a brief history of your nation.

South Acren: WW2 German Refugees couped the US government and found out that Lasers and Plasma are great, then found out that Divine Energy is even better. Currently inhabits the known multiverse as a bunch of wandering warlords.

Do you hold any political power in the Confederacy of Layem?

South Acren: Not yet.

Do you plan to run for an elected office in Layem in the future?

South Acren: Definitely.

How influential would you consider yourself?

South Acren: Above average. I hold a bit of influence for my help with Nday and Z-day I think. Plus with my seniority, I think people recognize me.

When and why did you join NationStates?

South Acren: Almost 4 years ago now. Mostly to cure boredom

When and why did you join Layem?

South Acren: When Layem first started, and I think it was because the first region failed. Either way, look at page 1 and you'll see me :D

Do you have any final remarks or anything to add?

South Acren: If anyone needs help with Factbooks or Forums, I'll be happy to help out.

Sports and Games

LAFL Week 9 Results

by Sports Correspondent Benderk

Heurfuk City Ducks 25-10 Fboys
Kabruha Snakes 22-0 Nexusopolis Corinthians
Infernoes 18-19 Galloway Mustangs
Phillippe City Canucks 30-31 Mirantibus Eagles

Standings are as follows

Layem East Division
1. Galloway Mustangs 5-2 2
2. Heurfuk City Ducks 4-3 3
3. Nexusopolis Corinthians 3-4

Layem West Division
1. Mirantibus Eagles 5-1-1 2
2. Phillippe City Canucks 4-3 3
3. Infernoes 2-4-1

1. Kabruha Snakes 2-5 2
2. Fboys 2-5

RP Update

by RP Correspondent The grand sultanate of Krm

Venezuelan-Colombian tensions escalate into war! -

The Venezuelan government had accused Colombia of funding the Venezuelan Communist rebels, after which Colombia counter-accused Venezuela of supporting nationalist groups that provoke unrest in their country. Soonly enough Venezuela crossed their troops across the Colombian border. War has begun! (to be continued whenever Venezuela finishes this war.)


The Independent Newspaper is conducting a NationStates-wide survey about a range of topics. If you want your opinions heard, if you want to help out an effort to get a good sense of the NationStates community's opinions, or if you're just bored, please take the survey! LinkLink to survey

Vote Benderk for Minister of Interior Affairs! He'll continue the work that he's already doing in this current 3-month period, which includes bringing activity to the RP and establishing/working with Councils.

Vote SomethingIsWrongHere for Minister of Interior Affairs! They'll bring new leadership to Layem, frequent polls and events, more equality between people with Discord and not with Discord and people with WA and people with no WA.

Our Editorial Team:

Editor-in-Chief: Baaas

Columnist: SomethingIsWrongHere
Columnist/Sports Correspondent: Benderk
Columnist: South Acren

Politics and Courts Correspondent: Nexus Sierra
LWF Correspondent: Elvato
RP Correspondent: The grand sultanate of Krm

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