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Represntive and current leader Carlo Granvile Koepsel WIP

Carlo Granvile Koepsel, Son of Emmanuel Koepsel and current head of state. Being related to a line of royalty and kings, Mr. Carlo is not a king (although is referred as one) and is instead elected by the people. However ever since they introduced thsi process (22 years ago) only royalty was elected since they were the most popular. Now a well kept secret (that a cult/terrorist group is trying to leak) is that the royal family including Mr Carlo himself is a werewolf. This bloodline goes back centuries even thousands of years back. Carlo is 450 years old although he gained power in 2000 and has been king/president ever since. Carlo is single widow after his wife died in 1987 due to a n air raid from a rival country. Carlo believes in free market, although it must be regulated to a certain extent. On the political compass he is Essentially centrist, only slightly leaning top right. Carlo has many children (78 at least confirmed, 123 unconfirmed, and lots of unknown amount of grandchildren) since he has stayed the same over 450 years looking like a average 30 year old.Here are his beliefs:

Vampires: Dangerous
Dragons: part of his religion
Terrorists: Disgusting
Abortion: Against
Conscription: Against
Socialism: Neutral
Communism: Against
Free health care for all: For as long as its not forced
Gun rights: For
Peace: For