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Discarded Cards League

The Discarded Card League

What is the league?
The league is The Rejected Realms's regional card program, designed to spur activity and strengthen the region's position in the card world as well as holding competitions, providing gifts as well as other fun events - both regionally and inter-regionally. This program is designed to provide a fun element to the card game for people in the region, be they veteran card farmers, or brand new to the game! This is a brand new program and we would love you to join!

So, what even are cards?
I'm glad you asked! Cards are a feature attached to issues that we answer within the game, everytime you answer an issue - there is a chance you may 'pull' a card pack. You don't have to open these straight away, you can open these anytime - the maximum number of packs you can hold at any time unopened is 9. Think of cards like a treasure hunt, we all are looking for the best cards in order to have the best hoard (or deck in this instance). If you answer a whole set of 5 issues, you have a chance of obtaining up to 5 packs - remember packs aren't guaranteed and you can get anything between 0-5 packs per set of 5 issues. Cards are an extra dynamic to the game, you have the WA, you have raiding/defending, roleplay and the newest addition to the game is Cards! Many people play the card 'game' for different reasons, some want to collect them all, some collect certain types of cards, while others look to create collections - common examples include delegates, members of your region etc, however you want to play there is a place for you in our league!

Okay, I'm intrigued! But how do you build your decks?
Good question! There are many ways in which people build their decks - and to an extent it depends on goals, some people just look to collect the most valuable legendary cards, some want a certain type of card, it varies. To build your deck, you will need 'bank' - think of bank like the money of the card world. You can get this through selling cards in auctions for one, or junking cards in order to accumulate bank, the amount you accumulate depends on the card rarity which is as follows:

Commons - 0.01 Bank per card
Uncommon - 0.05 Bank per card
Rare - 0.10 Bank per card
Ultra Rare - 0.20 Bank per card
Epic - 0.50 Bank per card
Legendary - 1.00 Bank Per card

Traditionally, people will junk the lower value cards in order to accumulate bank while keeping the higher value cards in order to increase their deck value - deck value is determined by the total market value of cards within your deck. Market value refers to the value at the time of a particular card, which you can check on any card page. For example, an uncommon card with a 'junk' price of 0.05 could actually have a market value of 12.05 bank - so could actually be worth more to your deck than junking it, value does deteriorate over time, however.

Of course, if we just junked cards and relied on luck with packs, we wouldn't always be able to find the cards we want! That is where auctions come in. For example, let's say you wanted to buy Crazy Girl Season 1 and in this scenario let's say there were no bids on it, you would then have a choice to either, place a bid and hope someone takes notice of it, you can also telegram owners of the card by going to it's owners page and telegramming one of them to ask for them to sell it you. Always take notice of the card's market value to allow you to judge what amount of bid to place on a card, though of course individual owners may have their own price requirements depending on how valuable the card is to them. To carry on with this scenario, let's say you place a bid and someone 'matches' (puts an ask price up for your buy price) it - great! You're on your way to getting that card within 60 minutes. Do however, be aware, it is possible to get outbidded - so keep a close eye on the auction if you really want to get the card, more valuable cards will have higher interest so be extra wary when placing bids on those!

The other method to generating bank is of course, selling cards rather than buying them - sometimes when you open a card pack you will see a marker on it informing that there is a bid on it - this can be an easy way to make some bank if someone is willing to pay big for one of your cards! Again, be wary, you can be 'heisted' which would be when someone steals the sale by either under or over bidding you to snatch the sale. Don't be alarmed though, this happens to everyone, just keep a close eye on important sales! Lastly, when building your deck, remember every nation will have a deck limit - this by default starts at 50 and can be increased by amounts of 50 at a cost of an amount of bank. If you do happen to be a site supporter on your card nation - your capacity is also automatically doubled - for example would be 100 rather than 50.

Okay, that sounds good! What do I have to do if I join?
All you need to do to join the league is fill out a form - which is mentioned further below and we will process it! As for the levels of commitment if you choose to join, all we ask is you answer issues on one nation (we refer to this as your 'farming' nation) at least every 28 days - it can be your main nation if you wish, or it can be a puppet, as long as your league membership is registered to a nation within the region. Citizenship is not required to join the league - membership will only be declined for nations banned from either the regional discord or forum.

What are the benefits of joining?
The benefits of joining are numerous! Not only will there be regular gifts sent out, with bonuses during competitions and events, but it will also allow you to build your deck all the quicker with your fellow TRR residents, maybe one of our league members has a card you're looking for? This gives you opportunities to trade and build your decks and collections to their full potential. Not until that, be we are intending to do regular pull events (see next section for info on those!) which will enable you to add sought after legendary cards, examples of which include Crazy Girl Season 1 and Kandarin Season 1/2 - cards like these can add massive value to your deck and allow you to climb up the rankings. Remember, when it comes to card farming and building your deck, the amount you wish to do is completely up to you, some people farm hundreds of 'puppets' every day, while others farm just the one or a couple.

What are pull events?
Pull events are when a card which would ordinarly have a low chance of being pulled from a card pack will have a much higher chance of being pulled as the pull event organiser, will 'auction' the card being pulled - which therefore drastically increases the chance of it appearing - a great way to get your hands on rare cards! The more packs you open, the more chance you have of pulling the card, though the amount you wish to do is of course completely up to you! Pull events are also very useful if you are wanting to get your hands on a card from a previous season or a 'Ceased to Exist' card - which both have very low chances of appearing without a pull event.

Okay, I'm convinced! Let me join!
Ready to join? Great! There is an application form below which you must fill in and either send it to The discarded realms via telegram or post it on the rmb and tag The discarded realms and we'll process it! Before you fill out the form, there is a few house rules we ask you to follow!

1. Always follow the NS Rules!
2. No heisting of fellow members! Mistakes happen, but if you knowingly heist someone - this would be through a bank transfer - see this post for info on those! Outbidding is fine, heisting is not.
3. Be respectful to each other. This goes without saying, but don't demand cards from other players, be polite.

Nation in The Rejected Realms:
Main Nation (if different):
Do you agree to the rules specified for the card league?:

Note: By default your card gifts will always be sent to your main nation if one is specified.

Useful Resources and Links
So you're getting involved with cards? Great! Some useful links are attached below.

1. The Comprehensive Guide to Nation States Cards - written by Destructive Government Economic System - provides all the info you could ever want to know about NS Cards, includes guides to mechanics as well as scripts and tools. Remember using the tools and scripts is at your own risk.

2. LinkNationStates Cards Discord Server - This is the NationStates Cards discord server, talk to your fellow card collectors here, as well as keep your eye on any sales. Remember to follow rules and instructions from any discord staff.

Glossary of Useful Terms
Below are a list of useful terms to help you if you are new to the card game.

Season - The season of which a particular card is from. For example some cards may have been present for just Season 1 or 2, some may have cards for both seasons.
Rarity - The rarity of a particular card, for example 'rare' or 'uncommon'.
Auction - When a 60 minute countdown begins in which a card is up for sale when bids have been matched.
Snipe - When someone outbids you on an auction.
Bank - The 'currency' in the card game, needed to buy and gift cards.
Heist - When completing a bank transfer and someone heists the amount of bank you were transferring.
Bank Transfer - A transfer done between your own nation(s) to allow you to move bank between nations.
Transfer Card - A card that someone uses to complete bank transfers on, a common tell of a transfer card would be multiple trades within a short time between the same nations, and it would normally have significantly higher than expected market value.
Ask - When an ask is placed on a card - think of it as a 'sale price'.
Card Farm - A group of nations owned by the same player for the purposes of acquiring cards faster through answer issues across them.

I hope this information helps, and if you have chosen to join us we look forward to seeing you in the discarded league!

The discarded realms