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TSR | Catalogue of Regional Dispatches

Nah Sikhs! Hello, Friend!

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  1. Community

    1. LinkJoin us on Guilded

    2. LinkBirthday Club Sign-up Sheet

    3. Pride 365

  2. Regional Traditions

    1. Cryptovision Song Contest (January) dispatch coming soon

    2. Registry of Regional Tartans (April)

    3. Dali's Drag Race (June) dispatch coming soon

    4. Country Fair and Rodeo (August) 🚧 dispatch under construction 🚧

    5. Community Quilt Show (November)

    6. Curling Night with Sasquatch (December) dispatch coming soon

  3. Music

    1. LinkCall Me Sasquatch (Spotify; curated by Illahee)

    2. LinkWe Give A Buck!: WPBR el Segundo (Spotify; curated by El Tejon)

    3. LinkCryptovision 2021 (YouTube; curated by The Sasquatch Republic)

  4. Around the Multiverse

    1. Guild of the Magical Realms (inducted 30 July 2021; maintained by The 21 Hot Air Balloonists)

    2. NS Christmas Charity Fundraiser 2020 (in association with partner regions)

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  1. Documents

    1. Constitution of the Sasquatch Republic (Adopted 12 June 2018)

  2. Retired Flags

    1. Original Flags of the Republic (March 2018)

  3. Retired Maps

    1. LinkShared World Concept (shared world with The West Pacific and others, circa January 2018)

    2. LinkReservations Concept (circa February 2018)

    3. LinkThe Homeland (last updated July 2019)

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