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Dispatch of Record: Commendation of Z-Day 2020 Middle Earth Participants

Whereas the Dread Necromancer raised an army of Barrow-Wights with which to assail the fair lands of Middle Earth on October 31st 2020, and

Whereas the nations listed below, driven by a keen desire to preserve the peoples and lands of Middle Earth, did summon supreme courage to rise, stand shoulder-to-should to oppose this horde of Barrow-Wights, and

Whereas the finest warriors of these nations did give of their strength and blood to utterly and completely defeat the Barrow-Wight menace in eleven hours of intense combat, and

Whereas by this excellent effort the region of Middle Earth was ranked Linknumber one in the world in "Most Survivors + No Infected" for many hours, and

Whereas after cleansing their own region, these brave soldiers selflessly rode to the aid of other regions that yet still were greatly imperiled, including Lothlorien, Mordor and The Shire, fighting therein to cleanse and make safe also these lands, also earning much positive renown in the name of Middle Earth, and

Whereas after the threat of the Barrow-Wights had been driven away from all lands, Middle Earth was ranked number eight in the world for "Most Survivors + No Infected", and

Whereas the brave and selfless conduct of these nations will shine as among the finest of examples to all peoples in Middle Earth and other regions, no doubt through this inspiration begetting yet further great deeds yet to be seen, and

Whereas all peoples of Middle Earth and many other regions do owe these nations a great debt of gratitude for their courageous defense,

Therefore the leadership of Middle Earth does hereby commend and thank the following nations, conferring unto them the right to possess and display the LinkBadge of the Barrow-Wight Slayer 2020 for their peerless service upon Z-Day 2020, and commit this record of deeds valourous to be remembered until Dagor Dagorath and the breaking of Arda.

Over all regions aided, there were 26358 total cure missile strikes by 8 nations curing 892495 million populace:


Total Strikes

Total Cured



169791 mil



336370 mil

Dagor Dagorath


166231 mil



2166 mil

Lady eowyn


7729 mil

Thorin Oakenshield


228 mil



8630 mil



201350 mil

Signed this day November 11th, 2020, by

The Republic of Noldoria, Anti-Zombie Executive of Middle Earth
The Eastern Kingdom of Dwarven mines, High Commander of Middle Earth
The Elven Realm of March of Maedhros, WA Delegate of Middle Earth