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Please read this if you are new to Caer Sidi!

Welcome to Caer Sidi!

First of all, congratulations on the creation of your nation and for moving it into one of the finest regions in NationStates. This guide will help you understand all the basics that you'll need to understand to get a grasp of this game and become a part of our delightful community here in Caer Sidi.

If you were mentioned in this dispatch and if it appeared in your notifications, click below.

You were mentioned in this dispatch because you have either recently joined Caer Sidi or you have joined the World Assembly but haven't endorsed our Delegate yet.

If you recently joined Caer Sidi, it is recommended for you to go through this entire guide(we know its a bit lengthy but its worth it!), especially the part about Caer Sidi and the various opportunities that awaits you in this region.

If you have recently joined the World Assembly but haven't endorsed our Delegate LollerLand yet, please do so! It is the easiest thing you can do to contribute to the growth of your region. To read more about World Assembly and Endorsements, or if you don't know how to Endorse someone, read the section about World Assembly.

So what is NationStates all about?

NationStates is an online nation simulation game where its players can create a country of their own and rule it as they see fit by answering issues. Each nation created by a player starts out in one of the five 'feeder' regions. Players are then able to move their nation to any one of the thousands of user created regions, if they wish to do so. Caer Sidi, the region you have rightfully decided to join, is one of the leading user created regions in NationStates. There are also other aspects of the game such as the World Assembly, Roleplay, Military Gameplay, etc, that you'll read in the following sections.


Regions are where nations reside. As said before, every nation starts off in a feeder region. You can either choose to stay where your nation was founded or move to a different region. Regions usually have their own systems of government that are created and followed by the players residing in that region. For example, Caer Sidi has a constitutional monarchy. While it is through your nation that you engage in the basic aspects of gameplay such as answering issues and building up its stats in the way that you want, collecting trading cards, etc, it is through your region that you get connected to other aspects of the game such as raiding/defending, roleplaying, politicking, etc. Also, don't forget to stop by our Regional Message Board and say hi to others in the region!

World Assembly

The World Assembly is the equivalent of the United Nations in NationStates (Fun Fact: The World Assembly actually used to be called the United Nations once upon a time). The World Assembly passes resolutions and laws that all WA member nations must abide by. Joining the WA is voluntary, yet it is highly recommended as it is the first step towards becoming more involved in the region.

While players may create as many nations as they like in NS, they are only allowed to have one nation in the World Assembly at a time. Anyone who violates this rule will risk their nation being deleted by the game's moderators. Once you have joined the WA, you can vote on proposals in the General Assembly (GA) and Security Council (SC). The General Assembly concerns itself with international laws that affect all of the WA member nations, while the Security Council recognizes and responds to individual nations and regions, with the aim of ensuring global harmony. After joining the World Assembly, the first thing you should absolutely do is to go to the nation page of our Delegate LollerLand and endorse them. You can also endorse other member nations within your region.

World Assembly members may endorse and receive endorsements from other WA members within the region. Endorsements are very useful in several ways as follows,
  • Influence- It is a measure of how 'respected' a nation is considered in their home region. Nations gain influence in a region by remaining there for long stretches of time, and by accumulating WA endorsements. When a nation leaves though, its influence in that region will begin to decline. The more nations with high influence that a region has, then the more secure it is from occupations by outside forces. This is because nations with high influence are harder to be banned and ejected except by the founder of the region.

  • Better stats and a shiny badge- Those WA members that rank in the Top 10% in the world for endorsements will be given a shiny new badge on their nation page. Considering that when this was being written, there were over 210,000 nations in total, but among them only around 26,000 nations were in the World Assembly, you will be able to gain this badge pretty easily. If you manage to enter the Top 1%, you will be given another even shinier badge for that!
  • Regional Delegacy- A region's delegate is the nation with the most amount of endorsements received within that region. A delegate is the representative of the region to the World Assembly. In many regions, delegates also act as the Head of their Government and will have just as many or potentially more powers than the region's Founder. For every other nation in the World Assembly, their votes on proposals counts as one. The votes of regional delegates however, as they represent the entire region, are equivalent to [the amount of endorsements they have received] + 1. Suppose, our delegate LollerLand had 36 endorsements. This means that every time they vote in a proposal in the World Assembly, their vote will be counted as 36+1 i.e. 37. As a member of Caer Sidi, it is in your best interest for our delegate to have more endorsements. The more endorsements that your delegate has, then the greater our region's influence will be over the World Assembly. Our delegate's votes on the WA are based on the opinions of the citizens of Caer Sidi. Each proposal that reaches the voting stage in the WA are discussed amongst citizens in our LinkDiscord Server. So if you are a member of WA, it is highly recommended that you endorse our delegate, so that you can help him in furthering our regional goals in the international stage. It takes only seconds to endorse the Delegate, so don't delay!

    How to Endorse:

    1) Go to the nation page of our delegate LollerLand

    2) Scroll down and click on the 'Endorse' button.

Caer Sidi

Caer Sidi is an extremely friendly and growing community which is full of inspired lore crafters, role players, gamers, and game players. Our focus is to build a home for those who need one and to build a relaxed but engaging region.

Caer Sidi is ruled by a Monarchy. The Monarchy is currently Seasonal Queen Aynia Moreaux and her Regent, TiroDayn. They are the heads of the Interior Council and preside over the Judicial Branch. They also work with other parts of government to ensure everything is running properly. The Executive Branch is headed by the Taoiseach, who is elected every two months. Taoiseach is responsible for the day to day working of the government and for fostering activity within the region. This is done so with the help of the Cabinet that is appointed by the Taoiseach upon their discretion.

Getting involved in Caer Sidi

Becoming a Citizen:
Having citizenship is the basic prerequisite to become a part of the various wonderful things that Caer Sidi has to offer. All you need to do to be citizen of Caer Sidi is have a nation in our region and then apply for Citizenship in our Linkoffsite forum.
Link to Citizenship Application Thread: LinkClick Here

Discord Server:
Our Discord Server is where a large amount of regional activity happens. Joining our discord server will not only allow you to become a part of all of our regional activities but will help you better know your fellow citizens and take part in our fun community. We also have a very strong gaming community that you can be a part of.
Link to our Discord Server: LinkClick Here

Caer Sidi's roleplay lore is influenced by Celtic mythology, Fae, and medieval history. We have an active Roleplaying community that is always looking for newer members to join in. You can read more about our roleplay setting by Linkreading the FAQ. Citizens may create their own holdfasts and have it placed in our Map by applying for the same in our forum.
Link to Holdfast Sign Up Thread: LinkClick Here

The Autumnal Court (Our Military):
NationStates doesn't have a traditional war game feature, but it allows regions to do something similar against each other. This is termed as raiding/defending. Raiding refers to the act of seizing the delegate position of another region and hence taking control over it. Defending refers to blocking the attempt of an another region from taking over the delegacy of a region. The Autumnal Court is Independent in its military alignment. And that means unlike many NS military organisations, we do both raiding and defending. This means that you get to enjoy all of what NS military gameplay offers if you join TAC. Now, this explanation is extremely simplified and you might have some lingering questions regarding how exactly this aspect of gameplay works. That's alright, once you join TAC, you will be given training to and we will mould you into a great warrior.
Link to join The Autumnal Court: LinkClick Here
The Autumnal Court Discord Server: LinkClick Here
(A separate military server that all those who enlist must join to be a part of our ops)

Other Opportunities
Are you interested in being a Diplomat and helping Caer Sidi to foster its relationship with other regions of NationSates? Would you like to be a journalist for the Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service? Do you want to become a Recruiter and help recruit players into our amazing region? Well, you can do all of that and more once you become a Linkcitizen and join our LinkDiscord Server!

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