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Allied Overcommand - Allied Weaponlair (Work Underway)

NIGHRIGHTSFORTOKENNESSWeaponlairs of the Allied Lands || Allied Overcommand
“ Soldiers alone don’t win crigs. From the gun you carry to the biggest ship in the Allied fleet, each is a gear in the crigsmachine we’re on, and as the ‘engineers’ of this machine, it’d be best if you knew each and every cogwheel, axle, switch, and wire that makes this thing work. I’d love to go on, but I’m no drill officer, so get to it. Oh, and be sicker you don’t forget your papers if you do go on to take a look at the more shadowy bits.
And, for the love of god, I still have these black boxes on my name!

- GENERAL ██████ █████████

The sundry stridecrafts that make up the gathered militarish might of the Allied Lands fall under their beteeing states, who are thus foranswerly for their own weapons, systems, faretugs, ships, and flycraft. Much gear, however, such as gunstones, weaponsystems, and even faretugs, is shared between many of the lands of one mightblock, or even throughout all the Allied Lands.

To deal with Sovietish strategy, each of the Allied mightblocks has its own set of strategish plots and tactish bewayings..........

Hightechnology is one key high ground we hold over the Soviets. Allied commanders should have knowledge of Prismatish Technology, the "Chronosphäre" and its offled gear, Cryotechnics, LITOS, and many more either already among our ranks or under andwicking by the Allies' best wittenshippers, laboratoriums, and geselships.




  • Sturmgewehr 74 [ StG 74 ] - [ 5.65×45mm FN ]

    A stormgewear from Deochland, it has been the mainstay gewear of the Deoch Caserly Stridecrafts since 1975. Being a Deoch gewear, there is no fraign about how well it works. Like most mainstay Allied gewears, it loads the Belgish 5.65 FN. It is also the mainstay in the militaries of Norway, Danemark, and Luxemburgh. Made by Lorenz Sauer GmbH.

  • Landthenst Ontale 5 Mark II [ L5 Mk II ] - [ 5.65×45mm FN ]

    This English gewear stands for its reach, nauwhood, and worksomeness. It has an odd, less straightforward design with its stonestore behind the handle, like the Easterricish G75. While the gewear was first benitted by the English in 1977, the better "Mark II" was put forth in 1980. It is the mainstay gewear of England, Victorialand, Queensland, New Zealand, and Southafrica. Made by Kingly Weaponlair Enfield OBG.

  • 1976式5.65mm小銃 [ SJ-76 ] - [ 5.65×45mm FN ]

    Japan's answer to Deochland's StG 74, it is the mainstay gewear of the Japanish Caserly Stridecrafts. It is a lightweight but tough gewear. The SJ-76, too, loads the 5.65 FN. While not a mainstay anywhere else, it is benitted by sundercrafts in other PF states, such as the Philippines and Insulindia. Made by Shōwa Kōgyō KK.

  • Gewear, Bore .222 in, Model 16 [ M16 ] - [ 5.65×45mm FN ]

    An Americanish design from the 1960s, it was first built for the .224 Colby-Millington round. When the Allied mightblocks met in 1971 and went for the 5.65 FN as their gemean gunstone, the FSA's OoF overhauled the gewears to shoot the 5.65. Rife with breaks and jams owing to its new gunstone, and lovingly called the "shitstick" by soldiers, it nevertheless does what it needs to do. It is the mainstay gewear of the FSA and its underlings, as well as Frankric. Made by Colby-Millington Gun Geselship Bnd.


Sauer StG 74

CM M16


  • Landthenst Ontale 109 Mark III [ L109 Mk III ] - [ 8.6×70mm Lapua ]

    Hitting hard, fast, and far, this English boltgewear has been known worldwide for being in the hands of deadly Europish sharpshooters. With the 8.6mm Lapua round, it has a reach of nearly 2.5 km, and has blasted off many a fiendly head from that far. It is the mainstay sharpshootergewear of the militaries of England and its underlingstates, whilst also being benitted in the militaries of Deochland, Netherland, Danemark, Swedeland, and others. Made by Nauwhood Worldwide GBH.


NW L109 Mk III


  • Maschinengewehr 62 [ MG 62 ] - [ 7.92×57mm Mauser ]

    The MG 62 is at heart a better offspring of the old crig's wellknown MG 42, known as the Kaiser's Buzzsaw by Allied soldiers for its clang whilst cutting down Sovietish footmen like a breeze. It has the same outside look and shoots the same round, set as the gemean midbore gunstone by the Allied Lands, but its inner workings as well as overall build have been bettered for herestelling. It is the mainstay machinegewear of the heeres of Deochland, England, Swedeland, Easterric, and Netherland. Made by Mauser AG.

  • Machinegewear, Bore .311, Model 60 [ M60 ] - [ 7.92×57mm Mauser ]


  • Panzerfaust 3 [ PzF 3 ]

    A one-throw panceroffwearrocket.............

  • Slaughtwagon 4203 "Knight" [ SW4203 ]

    A pancer design that is an evenweight between speed, rysting, and firecraft, it is most gemeanly seen amongst Europish pancerdivisions. First built in 1969 for the English Kingly Heere, it was chosen as the Europish Bound's gemean midweight pancer in 1971. In 1977, the EB's Knight pancers were upgraded with the Wellesley Computer-Marklesystem, better known as the "Windup" as named by Europish pancerteams for its likeness to a windup toy for the time it takes to fully lock onto its markle. The Windup lets the pancer fire almost as fast as its selfloader would let it with pinpoint nauwhood, even if it or the fiend were bewaying.

    It is beweaponed with the Kingly Weaponlair's L7 quickfiring 105mm slaughtwagongun with a selfloader as well as two MG 62 7.92mm machinegewears; one alikeaxle with the main gun, and one by the commandant's hatch. Its L7 gun can fire rystingbreaking finned emptied-uran darts, highspingstuff squashhead, and panceroffwear-hollowload shells, letting it go against most pancers, faretugs, buildings, and strongholds. It has the tough but rather light Chobham Forboundrysting, keeping its weight at around 45 tonnes. It has a top speed of 59.4 kilometres-by-stound on roadways, and has a reach of around 500 kilometres. The Knight has a team of three, the commandant, gunner, and driver.

  • Light Pancer, Model 41 Forothering 2 "Bulldog" [ M41F2 ]

    This Americanish pancer is a befurthering of the M41 "Haynes" light pancer. It has nearly nothing going for it other than it being fast, leading many from the EB and PF to call it the "Little Whelp". The Bulldog's rysting has been called "paperthin" by many, even among those who team it; it may shrug off smaller gunstones such as those from pistols or gewears, but in a pancer-against-pancer fight against its Sovietish gainstecks, it would come out as the loser nine times out of ten. Some M41F2 pancers have had their main guns orset by a LITOS marklefinder, called the M41F2/L; the marklefinder helps other onehoods fire at fiends more worksomely.

    The M41F2's main gun is the Model 13 90mm (3.54in) squeezebore slaughtwagongun, which can only fire capped rystingbreaking hardkern shells, narrowing it to fighting only other faretugs and pancers. The F2 offshoot also has a M60 alikeaxle 7.92mm machinegewear orsetting the older M1919, as well as a M2HK Browning 12.7mm heavy machinegewear on a swivel beside the commandant's hatch. Its rysting is thin welded steel, thickest at the front and almost none behind. The Bulldog's weight of 21 tonnes and "high speed, low drag" build makes it the fastest pancer in the slaughtfield at 75.3 km/st, although it only has drivestuff worth 125 kilometres, leaving much to be wanted. The Bulldog is teamed by a commandant, driver, gunner, and loader.

  • 73式中戦車「カッパ」 [ CS-73 ]

    Named after the Japanish folklorish streamdwelling devil, the Kappa midweight pancer was built with the waters of Asia and the Pacific in mind. Its first orbuilds were fanded in 1970, and the Type 73 was taken in by the Japanish Military in 1973. It is driven by the craftful E8003 gasturbine drivework built by Kanegawa Industries, which feeds both the pancer's beltwheels and hoverfans. The pancer's hoverfans let it quickly cross any body of water whilst keeping full fighting worthiness, and it is foreseen to be spearheading waterborne ongripes and gelead landing ships alongside its mainsake as being a pancerslaughtwagon.

    Type 73 Kappa pancers are beweaponed with the Japan Steelworks SH-65 105mm quickfiring slaughtwagongun, which can fire all shells the Knight's L7 gun can fire, as well as two Sumitomo KJ-62 7.92mm machinegwears, one being an alikeaxle gun and the other on the hatch. All pancers' mainguns also inhold selfloaders to keep weight down. It is beshielded by "nano" forboundrysting made by KI, lighter but still as strong as all-steel rysting. Weighing 36 tonnes, it can go 55.6 km/st on its beltwheels or 69.0 km/st on its hoverfans—while faster, the hoverfans eat up a lot of drivestuff; its reach is 680 km on the road, but that drops to at most 150 km on its hoverfans. It has a team of 3, the commandant, gunner, and driver.

  • Panzerkampfwagen 09 "Panther II" [ PzKpfw 09 ]

    Whilst the SW4203 Knight is the gemean midweight pancer of the EB, the "Panther II" is the Bound's go-to heavy pancer, outmatching almost any and every other pancer out there. The pride of Deoch engineering, it may stand against most threats in the slaughtfield and be foreseen to come out on top, thanks to its weapons and armour.

    Knights and Panthers of the
    2. Kompanie, 114. Panzerbataillon














DISCLAIMER: This is based on the Mental Omega APYR mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge. What is written here is in no way canon or endorsed by the creators. Also, please check out both the game and the mod if you have any interest in RTS games, though getting the base game to work in modern systems is tricky.