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Oconaism is the belief of balance created by very spirits who influence the universe in their own way causing order and disorder on a whim depending on how they wish to effect sentient life and shape the universe. 

Their are six primary spirits who are worshiped in temples across the empire but their names and how they are worshipped changes from world to world and culture to culture but in the core worlds their names are as follows.

[i]Seraph[/i]: The spirit of Death they are responsible for seeing the souls of the dead into the afterlife sending those who have done good in their lives on their way acting as a guide to either Heaven if they are a good soul or to hell if they are a bad soul. Good soul and bad soul has nothing to do with being devout in your life or being a sinner but is simply depends on how you live your life being that you are a good person who helps others even if they have their flaws that are beyond their control like being an alcoholic.

[i]Vorkath[/i]: The spirit of War and Devastation they are the protector of soldiers, and destroyer of peace. Where ever conflict occurs it is believed that Vorkath was responsible for influencing one or both sides.

[i]Servena[/i]: The spirit of Life and Health they are often preyed to by expecting parents who wish for a happy and healthy baby, or by people who are ill and are seeking divine help in their recovery.

[i]Teracon[/i]: The spirit of Nature they are often prayed to by farmers in the hopes that they will have a bountiful harvest.

[i]Feran[/i]: The spirit of Wealth and Greed they are often associated with businessman and women is often cursed by many as guiding the overtly greedy into disastrous business deals or aggressively greedy tactics.

[i]Herasa[/i]: The spirit of Love they are preyed to at weddings to bring forth a healthy marriage between couples and possibly help repair failing marriages.

[i]Nachtera[/i]: The spirit of moons, stars, and phenomenon of the night such as the aurora borealis. This spirit is credited with the creation of the celestial bodies that make up the universe. They are also credited with the creation of the stories that are connected to the constellations which are created in such a way that they resemble creatures native to the world that they are seen from. It is also said that you know when [i]Nactera[/i] has visited that world when the first stories born from the stars are told by the planets native inhabitants. 

[i]Seres[/i]: The spirit of time.

[b]Holidays of Oconaism[/b]:

[i]Blessings Day[/i]: [i]Blessings Day[/i] is a day in the year where the followers of Oconaism give thanks for all of the blessings they have received through out the year. The holiday starts in the morning where families exchange gifts followed by a large breakfast. Later in the evening family and friends gather and take part in a feast and again exhange gifts only this time it is only between the friends and not the family unless they hadn't been present that morning for the original exchange.