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San Castellino, the Spanish pearl

The Republic of San Castellino is a large country made up half of the Mariachi Desert, much of which is tropical forest, as well as the Haut-Chanchel plateau which separates the forest and the desert.

The most widely spoken language are San Castellinos (a spanish-like local dialect), Spanish and French. The country's official language is Spanish.

Officially, the Republic of San Castellino is a Republic, with life elections every 4 years. The San Castellinos obviously have a very wide choice between the different political parties, since they can choose between the "National-Capitalist Pact", the "National-Capitalist Pact", or even the "National-Capitalist Pact". Of course, this diversity of political parties is accompanied by a diversity of candidates for presidential elections, such as General Sullivan Di Foxycionni, favorite Sullivan Di Foxycionni, or even nationalist Sullivan Di Foxycionni.

Finally, the Republic of San Castellino has a little economy based mainly on oil, but too on automotive and cigar industry, cultivation of tabacco and bananas, intensive livestock farming, tourisme and gambling.

To conclude, we can say that the Republic of San Castellino is a magnificent country, a true example of justice and democracy, where human rights take on their true meaning.

The Ministry of Information and Propaganda

The Republic of San Castellino