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by The ထာဝရပျော်ရွှင် ကြောင်ကမ္ဘာ of Valentine Z. . 382 reads.

Valentine Z Celebrates 5 Years on NationStates! Thank you for everything so far. ♥


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[i]Ahem, going back to Out of Character![/i]
The small roleplay aside, yes, it is as weird as it sounds, but I am proud (and a little shy) to celebrate and admit that it's been 5 years since I have been on this site! From the early first few days where I am a clueless newbie, where the issues don't take effect immediately, to venturing into Forum 7, to being in Portal to the Multiverse, to Trading Cards (and even making a few working codes for that!), to that one time where I accidentally spammed moderation, to being on NSG now and then, and even participating in Gen Sec of Apr 2020, and joining NS Sports, it has indeed been a very, very long and eventful journey for me!

What do I think of NationStates? From that very first day my friend recommended the game to me, and joining with this nation, it has certainly been an eye-opener to me. A lot of vibrant communities, despite the negativity now and then coupled with all the general craziness, I guess part of the reason I stayed was because of how open-ended this game is: Challenges, Cards, Issues, Factbooks, Roleplays, Raiding/Defending, none of them exactly has superiority over one another; they are equally as important and fun, and they are equally deserving of attention. I have a lot of fun with this site, in all respect and aspects. Even made myself 97 nations (including Val Z, as of this writing), and a small mostly-puppet-storage region that is also a home to a few F7 friends of mine.

Now, what would these 5 years be without the one thing that makes it fun for me? Friends! ♥ Since Day One, I have been interacted and treated with respect.

I really enjoy the times I have in Forum 7; I have made A LOT of friends there, and that is an understatement, they have been there with me through ups and downs.

To the friendly authors and editors of Got Issues (I even got a nifty job of maintaining the thread now!) which also helps me find my passion in making graphs and charts with good old Python.

To the folks at NS Sports who have welcomed me with open arms - a total newbie who has his drivers winning a few races and making names of themselves!

Even down to NSG sometimes because I might not like politics, but you can't go wrong with people in there to casually strike a meaningful conversation with you.

The Mods as well, of course, for keeping this site relatively spick and span. I hope this is not seen as a back-handed compliment, so just want to say that I really appreciate the efforts in keeping the place spam-free and civil, even if sometimes (and often) I don't go well to the rules made. ^^


Do I think that these 5 years are a waste of time? To some extent, I do admit that I might have been spending a few too many hours per day here on NS. That is just time management, I simply need to manage it well.

Do I regret coming here? Not even in the slightest. I am happy to call this corner of an internet my home, for I am very, very joyful to be here and create a world like Leslie did in Bridge to Terabithia.

Here's to more years ahead, and I know 2020 has been nothing but painful to a lot of people (or heck, for everyone), but I do hope that you will find a little solace in life now and then. 2020 may be bringing us all down, but there is no reason for a little bit of hope, a little bit of optimism, and a little bit of solace, to not exist. I do hope that you will find something to brighten you up, maybe in the form of a GIF of a kitten playing with his tail.

Thank you once again, and here's to another year and joy on this site.

May life be good to you all.

- Valentine ♥