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Layem Times Issue 24

Saturday, October 24th, 2020 - - - Confederacy of Layem


Layem Regional Supreme Court Returns, Approval from Assembly

by Politics and Courts Correspondent Nexus Sierra

In recent news, the former regional supreme court of Layem has officially returned after a multiple-month abolishment. Back in July, the court system was removed from the region due to the inactive usage of the system deemed obsolete. But with more support demanding the revival of the court to bring proper justice back to Layem, the current Chief Minister proposed four bills to the assembly in order to re-establish the court. All four of the bills required to establish the court has all been passed through the regional assembly, and are now being actively enacted for the foreseeable future. Citizens have the opportunity once again to submit appeals to the court where a council of justices will decide whether to take it up to trial, and justice will prevail in time for every trial that gets accepted. Referring to the four bills mentioned earlier in the story, there have been four bills drafted to make the court an efficient, functioning system of equal and fair justice. Down below is each of the four bills that established the system, and an explanation of what each bill about.

Bill #1: Layem Supreme Court Establishment Act

The Supreme Court of the Confederacy of Layem (SCOCOL) is the highest court and only court in the federal judiciary of the Confederacy of Layem. The bill explains how the court operates, and all the functions proposed for its' functionality. This portion of the bill empowers the Chief Minister to nominate and with the confirmation (advice and consent) of the Confederacy of Layem Supreme Council, to appoint justices of the Supreme Court onto the council.

Bill #2: Federal Judiciary of Layem Act

This bill ensures that the Confederation of Layem uses proper rule enforcement and constitutional implementation to ensure that citizens get fair and equal justice under the law. The Council of Justices in the meantime is proposed to operate as the highest governing body of the Supreme Court of Layem. They should therefore appropriately be no higher in authority than any other existing branch of the government and can be under the power of the Chief Minister if necessary for emergency reasons.

Bill #3: Council of Justices Establishment Act

This establishes that the Council of Justices to operate as the representing body of the Supreme Court of Layem with constitutional duties and tasks. The Council of Justices are expected to therefore appropriately provide fair and equal justice within the court for all citizens by implementing the constitution and other laws established. The Justices are proposed in an odd number of members so there's a tiebreaker to break even votes.

Bill #4: Layem Regional Civil Procedure Act

The bill says that Layem needs proper rule enforcement and constitutional implementation to ensure that citizens get fair and equal justice under the law permanently. Authority shall accordingly serve under the law and the constitution while the lawful procedure is guided by civil procedure guidelines. In the bill, the region creates a permanent and interchangeable set of civil procedure standards for outlook and standards to follow.

Those were all four of the individual bills proposed to properly set up a justice system, and following guidelines to protect citizens under standards of fair and equal trials when going to the court. Guidelines have been made to ensure the court doesn't go corrupt or creates an unbalanced idea of justice which could harm the citizens of the region. As of this moment in time, the court is now up and running with the appointment of justices coming fairly soon. You can submit appeals, and wait for approval or rejection of the trial proposals.

We'll be back next week with more news from the Confederacy of Layem.


What the Layemese Think about this Year's Z-Day

by Columnist SomethingIsWrongHere
Introduction by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

This week, SomethingIsWrongHere did an interview to find out what the citizens of Layem think about our performance in Z-Day. Without further ado, here's the interview:

Questions Asked:

1) How did Z-Day go in your opinion?
2) How well did you do in your opinion?
3) How well did others do in your opinion?
4) What are somethings that we did well in Z-Day 10? What are some things that we could improve on?
5) N-Day was a disaster. Could we learn anything from Z-Day9 to implement into the next N-Day?
6) Do you plan to participate in Z-Day10?
7) Any last comments on Z-Day9?


1) I think Z Day went fine for us in Layem! People kept helping other people get rid of their zombies. It was a mostly friendly climate.

2) I think I did ok. Not very outstanding, but ok. In the first hours, I kept the zombies under control, and I had time to research my cures. When I woke up on Saturday morning, I saw that there was a huge spike in zombies. I begged for help, and, thankfully, got it. After that, I just went into war with this Infidel State because he was the person behind my spike earlier that day.

3) I think others, with the exception of Infidel State, did quite well. Many were awarded medals, and most kept their zombies contained, whether it be through cure missiles or zombie purging.

4) I think a thing we did well was the planning, with all the factions, awards, etc.... I think a thing we could improve on next year was pitting people against each other. Next year, I would like to see more unity in our fight against zombies.

5) Unity! Planning! In the next N Day, we need to have much more planning. We also need to help people out some more next N Day.

6) Yes, of course.

7) I would like to give a special thanks to SomethingIsWrongHere and South Acren for their extensive work this Z Day. It is much appreciated. Hail Kalaria! God bless the Confederacy of Layem!

South Acren:

1. Awesome, far better than I expected to be honest. I'm happy that my faction idea worked as planned.

2. Again better than expected. Due to my size, 6 billion, I expect to be targeted immediately. It wasn't until Benderks failed zombie rebellion that I was actually worried, and even then it was more of a help than a hinder, giving me access to the level five invasion.

3. Others did pretty well. There were a few bad cases of nations being overrun and destroyed by an invasion, but overall others faired well off.

4. We had great team coordination. Props to Hua who organized an actually attacking force. We stuck to our orders, and we held our ground. For that, I am proud of everyone. All need to work on is our activity and our numbers.

5. T E A M W O R K. FFS. I cannot stress this enough. Next year, I don't plan on changing my plan from this year, as it wasn't the problem. The problem was no teamwork or any reason for unity. We had rouge start a war with a faction we couldn't beat, and by God, I vow to make sure it won't happen again.

Oh and a system for communications with everyone so we can actually have communications.
6. Of course.

7. I'm impressed by everyone I saw take part. The teamwork, communication, and effort put into this one. Certainly better than N-Day, and I hope to help further events like this one.


1) um... ok, I guess? I mean I wasn't there for a while... And the only part I ever saw was when people were fighting...

2) Pretty well. I mean people kept destroying my zombies, I destroyed at least five-hundred million zombies on my own... Kinda well. I was also the one to release the dispatch... so eh, I did well.

3) Fine! They did really well, although some people were "Zombie-ing" other nations within our region... so it was kinda annoying when stuff like that happened.

4) We... um... Planned well? A lot better than N-Day, which is a relief. Improvements we could make for Z-Day10 would be the Teamwork. People were fighting each other across the board, and it was falling into chaos. We need to establish better connections and communications next time.

5) OH DEFINITELY. We could learn some valuable planning skills, and we also need to learn how to deal with outside forces (Something that Z-Day teaches us about).

6) Hopefully!

7) Good Job Everyone. I am extremely grateful that I got to participate in some way, shape, or form for this Z-Day. I am extremely proud of everyone who participated and am generally happy with how the CoL did as a whole. As a final goodbye, I leave you with this message:
Soldier on, Zombie Slaves Layem.

Nation Interview Season 2, Edition 1: SomethingIsWrongHere

by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

Nation interviews are back! Veteran readers of the Layem Times would know this series, but for new readers, Nation Interviews is a series that I did a few months ago in which I would interview a Layemese person and ask them all about their nation. It's now back for a second season. Kicking off our series is SomethingIsWrongHere, a columnist for the Layem Times and a rising star in our glorious region. Without further ado, let's get on with the interview!

Baaas: How do you govern your nation? What are your beliefs?

SomethingIsWrongHere: I govern my nation mostly relating to my political standing, combined with the combined political ideologies of Canada. I believe in free healthcare despite what my leader says, and low tax rates, also despite what my leader says.

Baaas: How often are you active?

SomethingIsWrongHere: I'm pretty active, although school has begun to lessen my activity on NS. I do try and check in every day, though.

Baaas: Why did you join NationStates?

SomethingIsWrongHere: I just wanted to be able to manage and grow with my own nation. I was thinking a lot about said reason at the time I joined.

Baaas: Why did you name your nation the name it has?

SomethingIsWrongHere: I don't know... I think it's just me being my usual weird self hehe

Baaas: Why does your nation have the flag it has?

SomethingIsWrongHere: My flag comes from my personality, changing, and getting better over time. My current flag reflects the seven states of SIWH.

Baaas: Give me a brief history of your nation.

SomethingIsWrongHere: My nation is a Monarchy dating back to medieval times- As a part of our religion, we have come to REALLY despise and REALLY love certain things.

Baaas: Do you hold any political power in the Confederacy of Layem?

SomethingIsWrongHere: No, I do not. Not yet, at least. (=<

Baaas: Do you plan to run for an elected office in Layem in the future?

SomethingIsWrongHere: Hopefully. If stuff goes right IRL, and in-game, you will see me running in December.

Baaas: How influential would you consider yourself?

SomethingIsWrongHere: Kind of. I mean, people seem to like me, and I am a columnist for the LT, so... eh?

Baaas: When and why did you join NationStates?

SomethingIsWrongHere: I joined NationStates on May 5th, 2020, 10:48 am, during my school time. I joined to create a nation, manage a nation, BECOME a nation.

Baaas: When and why did you join Layem?

SomethingIsWrongHere: I do not exactly remember when I joined Layem, but I did join accidentally because of a TG. I am glad to say that my clumsiness has landed myself in the best region in NS.

Baaas: Do you have any final remarks or anything to add?

SomethingIsWrongHere: Last remark? My last remark is...
Thank you.
As of now, NS and the CoL have helped me get through some major anxieties in my life.
I plan to be here for a while longer.

Sports and Games

Interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs Randolphina

by Sports Correspondent Benderk

Heurfuk City Ducks 15-7 Infernoes
Mirantibus Eagles 20-16 Nexusopolis Corinthians
Phillippe City Canucks 25-13 Galloway Mustangs
Standings are as follows
Layem East Division
1. Galloway Mustangs 4-2
2. Heurfuk City Ducks 3-3
3. Nexusopolis Corinthians 3-3

Layem West Division
1. Mirantibus Eagles 4-1-1
2. Phillippe City Canucks 4-2
3. Infernoes 2-3-1

1. Fboys 2-4
2. Kabruha Snakes 1-5

Thanks to our Editorial Team!

Editor-in-Chief: Baaas

Columnist: SomethingIsWrongHere
Columnist/Sports Correspondent: Benderk
Columnist: South Acren

Politics and Courts Correspondent: Nexus Sierra
LWF Correspondent: Elvato
RP Correspondent: The grand sultanate of Krm


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