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Manually Recruiting for the Union of Force [NUC 02-001]

Manually Recruiting for the Union of Force
New Union College - Career Development Department - 001

20-Minute Read



Amongst the several forms of recruitment available, Manual Recruitment is one of the most efficient and fastest way to grow your region, and best of all, it's completely free! All you need is to to know your way around the ropes and dedicate your time and commitment in Manual Recruiting, because it is such an amazing way to grow your region if done correctly. So in this module, I will be telling you how to get started in one of my favorite things to work in on NS and even teach you some tips and tricks I learned myself (I didn't have very many manual recruiter friends when I started :<) But you might be asking, am I qualified to teach you about this?

Short answer - yes, I've manually recruited for over four different User-Created Regions (UCRs) in the past, with my most successful run being in one of my favorite places on NS - Force! If you're reading this version, it means you're either 1) looking to start out recruiting for a region inside the Union of Force (we'd love to have you help out uwu), or 2) you opened the wrong version, because there's a different version of this Guide directed towards manually recruiting in general and not specifically for the Union, feel free to use that as a reference for your region if you want :P just no stealing please, love you

Without further ado - let's get started with this Guide! Do consider upvoting this dispatch if you enjoyed or learned something from it!

Before we get to the interesting parts we unfortunately need to get into technical stuff first, including some base terms. Manual Recruitment is when an individual sends telegrams to other nations (most commonly new nations) in an effort to recruit them into their region. Rules regarding it vary from region to region, as seen in the image beside, your region's administrators may restrict recruitment to a specific group of people, so consult them about it first or join your local recruitment team if possible.

In the Union, you don't need to worry because anyone is welcome to join the recruitment team! Contact the current Minister of Internal Affairs preferably through Discord and they can help you get started and keep track of your progress.

When you've got everything sorted out with your region of choice, it's time to make your template!

A telegram template is a special feature on NationStates that allows you to make...well, templates! These are important because they set your telegram as a recruitment telegram (which gives your telegram this fancy button which says "Move [NATION] to [REGION]") and lets you keep track of your delivery reports, an important statistics page for your recruitment. I'll be teaching you how to set a template and how to use your template in this section.

  1. Open your Telegrams Page and click Compose Telegram

  2. In the box where you put your recipients, write tag: template (or click here to make it faster)

  3. Press the down-facing arrow (▼) beside the recipient box, then check the box saying "This is a recruitment telegram for Force" This is an extremely important step you don't want to miss, because not only will it set your template as a recruitment telegram, it will also prevent you breaking the NS rules.

  4. In the body of your telegram, type out your recruitment telegram (or copy-paste the preset template provided to you by your government, if required) Tip: you can use the macro %NATION% in a template, which will automatically replace the macro with the name of your recipient! (ex. if you send a template to me with the macro %NATION%, it will be replaced with Caduceo)

  5. Send the telegram! This will give you a message providing you with your very important template number. Don't lose this! It should look like the image here:

Now that you have your telegram template, what are you going to do with it? Well, now every time you Compose a Telegram, if you put your template number in the body and send it, the recipient will receive the whole telegram set inside your template! But then, how are you supposed to get to the Delivery Reports I mentioned earlier? Two methods - you look for it in your Sent Items or go straight to the page by using a special link. It has to do with your template number (specifically the eight digits in it), in this link:
Except you replace the numbers at the end with your template's ID (ex. if your template is %TEMPLATE-12345678%, you change the last 8 digits of the link with 12345678) Now that you have your all-important template, it's time to use it!

Now that you have your telegrams page open and your template ready, there are a few things you need to know.
  • You can send one telegram to multiple recipients, with each nation being separated with commas. But you can only send to up to 8 nations at a time. Any more and you'll be required to use stamps, which you have to purchase off the NS Store for mass telegramming. To keep it free and purely manual, send to eight at a time.

  • There is an invisible spam cooldown between each round of mass-telegrams you send. To maximize your efficiency, I've done a few tests and found out that this cooldown is around 40 seconds long.

  • It is much easier to do this on a computer/laptop, mostly because of access to copy and paste shortcut keys but also because double clicking your left mouse button will highlight the entire word between two commas, and dragging it while holding will highlight full words instead of each individual letter, which is important for something later on.

  • This doesn't mean manually recruiting is impossible on mobile devices, because it is still very possible since I do that when I don't have access to my laptop. Just be sure you have access to a digital notepad of some sort like Google Keep.

With all that out of the way, it is time for me to show you the heart and soul of manual recruiting, the New Nations API Bin or something like that... It may sound pretty intimidating but trust me, I have no clue how to use the API and programming stuff, what's important to us is that particular page because it lists down all the new nations in NationStates in raw text and most importantly, puts each of them between commas, making your and my recruitment lives easier. Refreshing this page automatically updates it with even more new nations recently founded!

Some guides will tell you to use this Activity page for new nations but that's simply slowing your efficiency down and making you go back and forth constantly. We want to send a lot of telegrams en masse in the shortest amount of time, so you should always use the API bin whether you're on mobile or desktop. Open that link and take a look at why it's so much better, the try experimenting with highlighting names by double-clicking left mouse button, holding, then dragging on keyboard, or double-tapping and dragging the markers on mobile.

Once you've gotten familiarized with everything (and hopefully bookmarked the important stuff), it is time to finally send your telegrams. Remember the Rule of Eight where you send to eight nations at a time, experiment with copy-pasting, and go crazy! This is technically the end of the basics, but further down this Guide you'll find a few tips and tricks to make you a mean recruiting machine and some boring statistics and averages that's completely optional but important if you want to get even more serious.

This part's optional - but highly recommended for you to read!
  • While you're going down that list of new nations, you're bound to encounter a bunch of puppet nations or alternate accounts for players. Most of the time, they're pretty obvious - they have the same names but numbered differently, or maybe they have slight differences between their names. There are, however, some cases where these puppets become creative or look different. You should keep your eyes out to detect puppets in your list, I've seen some puppets series follow Pokemon names in order and even different Pigeons with personalities - most of them have a recurring theme, so watch out! I tend to pick out the puppets before sending recruitment telegrams, including things like Founder Accounts, Dispatch Accounts, Card Storages, Joke Nations, etc., as not only can they have no intention to join other regions, but they might have their Inboxes blocked from Recruitment, so they're not worth our time.

  • While the API resource is extremely useful, it unfortunately does not list refounded nations, or nations which have ceased-to-exist then is restored. As far as I'm aware, there's nothing similar to the API bin for Refounded Nations, so if you want to send telegrams to them (which could be good, as some of them could already have experience in the game), you'll have to pick them off manually from the Activity page for new nations.

  • Manual Recruiting is efficient and cost-free, but that doesn't mean it's the absolute fastest way to get recruits. The fact is - the number of recruits you'll get daily is a bit low, but in the long run, that small daily number could grow into a large number. Don't be discouraged in your first few days of recruiting because you've only had a handful of recruits, because many of us started out with small numbers like those. Keeping to the task is the best way to make the most out of your run.

  • Sometimes, I send out a hundred telegrams a day but only come in with around 1 or 2 recruits. That's okay. As long as you keep doing it, it'll get better. Many factors can affect how "successful" your recruitment is going. These include the season of the year (some summer months tend to be slower), what time of day you decided to recruit during, how good your template is, who you're sending telegrams to, to name a few. Not everyone will have the same experience, and that's okay.

  • Now I'd like to share with you my best kept secret about Manually recruiting. Before this module was released, I've only shared this trick to a select few I helped start off in recruitment. It's a very small thing yet it has made my manual recruitment process stress-free and extremely smooth. If you want to know about this trick, contact me on Discord (TinyHuman#4352) or join us on the LinkAcademia de Nocturna Discord Server and contact me from there.

This part is going to discuss your Delivery Reports, some important ideas and averages I have gotten from them, and a quick discussion of your statistics on them. This is, once again, completely optional and I would only recommend you reading this if you are committed to manually recruiting and know that you'll keep doing it for your region.

Before I start off, I'd like to say thank you for reading this far and if you really are interested in manual recruiting. You should be very proud that you're working to greatly advance your region, whichever region that might be. By now, if you've tried your hand at recruiting, you've checked your Delivery Reports now and again. You've seen the important statistics on those reports, and would have noticed the percentages that come along "Read" and "Recruits" - whether any of these numbers matter to you or not, you would have seen them at least once by now.

Below you will find several entries from me, each explaining a specific part of this report and my personal experiences and averages on them. Please note that I'm not doing this to "toot my own horn" or anything, I'm doing this because in many things, I don't know if I'm doing something right or wrong, what should I do in a particular situation, what everyone else is doing, and other things I can't find answers too. If you are like that and don't particularly have any references, I'm here to help. Please read them at your own risk as I'd hate to discourage you, I hope you find even more encouragement in yourself while manually recruiting.

I understand that not everyone could have hours in a day to sit in front of a computer and manually recruit. A question you might be asking is "How many telegrams do I have to send daily to get some recruits?" and the answer - it depends on alot of things.

Different seasons in a year could affect how many recruits you could get, there could be less nations being founded on a specific time of day, your telegram might not be working enough. It's very difficult to pinpoint a number that will be effective for you, but still keep you not on your computer for half a day. So let me present you with my magic number - 200 sent telegrams daily for 5 days a week. This is purely a recommendation, and you should do what you can do yourself, but I found that sending at least 200 daily could be effective with very little time, especially in the long run. Doing a minimum of 200 daily for 5 days is around a 1000 sent each week, with two more days of rest. If you could put only a few hours daily or if you're only casually recruiting, a minimum of 200 daily should be viable. That's what I did for most of my recruiting run for Force and it's pretty chill.

Remember - this is only a reference you might need. I don't want you to be discouraged because we have different outcomes, I want you to only use this information as a point of reference.

Looking at my averages from the different regions I recruited for, my average Conversion Rate is between 0.30% to 0.60%, with the lower number meaning you have less recruits for sent telegrams. I've honestly been at both those numbers for separate occasions, where I was around zero point fifty-eight during some of the better years for NS, and scratching zero point thirty during one of the more difficult years. Sometimes - that number's not your fault.

Remember - this is only a reference you might need. I don't want you to be discouraged because we have different outcomes, I want you to only use this information as a point of reference.

Looking at my averages from the different regions I recruited for, my average Conversion Rate is between 10% to 15% and I've usually been in between that. Your Read statistic is important as unlike your Recruits, this shows how many actual people are opening up your telegram instead of letting it fill their inbox. And once again unlike recruits, something can be done to slightly nudge this number higher. Sending telegrams as fast as possible to the most recently-founded nations have a good chance of those telegrams being read, as a newcomer could open them up quicker. This could also potentially help your Recruits number, you never know.

How I hate the summer lull. If you've been manually recruiting for a long time now, you would know about the summer lull. If not, the summer lull is a seasonal phenomenon on NS, where some of the summer months and back-to-school months have seen less new nations being founded, thus less nations being recruited. You will find that in many regions, every year, there are certain months where you just see the population sink then go back up the following months. Most of the time, these will happen on the same months. There's nothing much we can do about it, which makes it all the while frustrating for manual recruiters like you and me.


Now that's it for me, I hope you learned something from this guide and once again - upvote this Guide as a small token of your appreciation! If you have any questions, need some help, or want to write Guides like these, feel free to contact me personally, Caduceo (or TinyHuman#4352) or join the LinkAcademia de Nocturna Discord Server! See you and love you lots!

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