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The Liberty Gala: Wrap Up

Greetings all!

We're just now coming to the end of The Liberty Gala. I apologize for my delay in making this post due to various other obligations over the weekend, but I want to take a moment to outline some of the cool stuff we did during this event:

  • To bolster understanding of defender history we took submissions for the Defender Family Tree, which will be completed and released in the upcoming days. We also releasedan essay by Numero Capitan on the early history of The South Pacific and hosted a panel on defender history.

  • We hosted a Q&A with Security Council Author Kuriko about Security Council philosophy, authorship, and research.

  • We ran a series of competitive defender games with a variety of activities, including chasing and detagging practice, triggered jumping practice, and team building activities. Information about the teams can be found here. Congratulations to Team Obama on winning the Defender Games! All told in our detag runs and the defender games, we detagged a total of 181 regions. You can see information about the teams here. There was also a pile off competition won by TITO and a live streamed update hosted by Phoenix.

  • We hosted a Nation Creation Contest with 40 entrants held over the course of the competition. In the nation creation contest, a set of puppets were ejected each day who were lowest in the daily world census ranking. Congratulations to Wischland on her victory, Yuwa on 2nd place, and Wille-Harlia on 3rd place.

  • We ran cards events. Chimes/Jamie won the Defender Switchers contest with his collection of Nakari's switchers The Nakari Portrait. ROM and Numero Capitan vied for the Influential Defenders contest with the ultimate prize going to ROM's collection although NuCa's collection was a close second. We also held a pull event for Season 1 Anime Daisuki which printed a total of 21 copies, setting the record for pulls on a single card in a pull event in the post-TCALS nerf era.

  • We held a character design contest with results and detailed sketches forthcoming for the winners.

  • We held a Conga Line to generate interconnection between regional communities of the participants, ultimately visiting Spiritus, The Union of Democratic States, 10000 Islands, the South Pacific, and The Order of the Grey Wardens.

  • We held a variety of fun games on the Discord server including Among Us,, and Werewolf. Lots of folks met new friends and sometimes the voice chat devolved into several hours of group anime watching, which is never a bad thing.

  • And lastly, we hosted a panel on Why We Defend with defenders from a variety of organizations, generations, and perspectives.

I also want to take the chance to thank everyone who played a part in conducting this event. It takes a village to defend and it takes a village for defenders to party together. Thanks to Phoenix of the Sun/FiHami, Benevolent Thomas, Sweeze, Frenchy, Paffnia, Numero Capitan, Kuriko, Nakari, Jamie/Chimes, Merlin, 9003, USoVietnam, Destructive Government Economic Systems, Somyrion/Aumeltopia, Ananke, Dilber, Blackbird, Tim, Prarie, Roavin, Karputsk, Matthew, and Eist who all either helped coordinate an event, sat on a panel for the event, or contributed graphics or another form of advice. I want to give special shout outs to Grea Kriopia for picking up the group's slack whenever others needed some relief, doing all the evening games activities, preparing most of the transcripts, and generally being a wonderful and positive presence. I also want to shout out FiHami/Phoenix for helping co-ordinate the defender games and the Why We Defend panel, BT for his work as event pump up artist and continually innovating on our history event ideas, Paffnia for maintaining his 100% success rate for delivering quality and timely work, and NuCa for pinch hitting and general event admin.

I hope everyone enjoyed the event as well as the historical records, essays, and transcripts we put together. Most importantly I hope people met new friends. From here, we can turn our attention to the Defender Awards hosted by BT and Jamie to wrap up a dfender celebration and a year of defender achivement.

~ HS