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Refugia's Green Week(s)!

Refugia has seen amazing environmental improvement before, and so it should again.

Improvement Leaders
...Points | Percent...

1. Feu de Glace (+4406.73)
2. Chatula (+2631.18)
3. New Antinios (+2167.79)
4. Laisou (+1909.29)
5. Junitaki-cho (+1494.80)
6. Pedesko (+1193.46)
7. Fulleristan (+941.86)
8. Nova Nova Hibernia (+803.80)
9. Chacapoya (+699.17)
10. Indimu (+639.14)
11. New Filippe (+587.42)
12. Flohovistan (+578.01)
13. Melenavenia (+574.31)
14. Sylh Alanor (+545.65)
15. Perama (+470.48)
16. Floofybit (+443.05)
17. Dumbasser (+419.98)
18. Refuge Isle (+343.25)
19. Michelland (+289.79)
20. Lambflakitobia (+288.24)

1. Chatula (+1096.51%)
2. New Antinios (+486.24%)
3. Floofybit (+477.89%)
4. Dumbasser (+419.98%)
5. Laisou (+359.57%)
6. Pedesko (+102.59%)
7. Goldstone (+98.29%)
8. Boolie Town (+82.35%)
9. Junitaki-cho (+81.21%)
10. Imzhou (+68.05%)
11. Indimu (+66.50%)
12. Fulleristan (+64.84%)
13. Lura Enim Omnia (+50.92%)
14. Nova Nova Hibernia (+46.18%)
15. Zuniann (+42.52%)
16. Hylida (+34.47%)
17. Calirdels (+34.43%)
18. Perama (+33.25%)
19. Dyddenia (+29.88%)
20. Jaaaason (+29.10%)

Event Lasts Until
November 16th!

Refugia is a region that likes to pride itself on being sort of leftist eco-hippies. And to that end, environmentally focused ideas are important to a lot of us already. As a region, all of our nation's choices add up and help paint a picture of who we are and what we value to the world. With everything that's been going on with our lives and the region's new running legs, it's no wonder that things have gotten jumbled at some point. So, we're going to be doing a fantastic celebration of green things over the next two weeks.

Let the awe and wonderment of this first ever Refugia Green Week fill you with reusable joy as we reduce our dread and recycle our interest in everything that is remotely chlorophyll based. The WFE board and flag will reflect this celebration while I also run a competition among nations in the manner that is most predictable for me - stats! There shall be so much greenery that it will overflow the bounds of one week and end up running for two.

From now until the end of the day, November 16th (pacific time), everyone has an assignment. Focus eco-friendliness. If everyone participates, we can easily start pushing the regional average up. Whoever does the best at raising these stats by raw number will go into this leaderboard in column 1. And whoever raises their stats the most as a percent change from their starting point, will go on the leaderboard for column 2.

And finally, to the two nations who are at the very top in the #1 position on the leaderboard, I will rename our general discussion channel and our legislation debate channel in the regional discord server to #[the name of your nation]-hall for the rest of the year. Will this be the end of spammy channel names? Only time will tell.

Best of all a nation's starting stats do not matter, we're simply going to be competing by improvements. So everyone has a good chance of winning on at least one side of the leaderboard no matter what. Even for those who are concerned about not being able to come in at #2, your nation will still be immortalised at the end of the month with the long return of the region's official eco report.


Green Week has come to an end today, after a pair of weeks filled with emotions over how many factories should be burned down and replaced with Japanese contemplation areas. The winner of this event in the points competition was Saka, who in a brazen display of devotion to the cause, simply undid the industrial revolution. Her army of approximately ten billion highly resourceful workers with hand tools now supply everything that country needs.

The winner of the event in the percentage competition was Cat, which has gone through a preening explosion, filtering the waste of 170 dusty furballs into a collection of highly purified Pursian silk. As we continue to vacuum the hair out of the carpet from this process, we will rest easy knowing that we're all better off in Refugia for the work.

Regrettably, the loser of this competition is Samudera who, despite his best efforts, lost eight hundred points of eco-friendliness in an untimely ecological detonation. For his crimes against chlorophyll, he has been issued a terrible warning with this reprehensible season 1 card.

For the rest of the year, the general chat will be known as #feu-de-glace-hall, and the regional legislation channel will be called #chatula-hall. Thanks for everyone for participating in this event and turning it into a success, and I hope no one took it too seriously 😜 see you next time!

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