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Julia's Journal

June, 1966
I remember this day as clear as yesterday. I came from a wealthy family, and my father was good friends with our leader. I practically lived in the lap of luxury. My room was covered in luxurious items, my desk drawer filled with gold and jewels. That day, it all changed. I could see the people going to our Leader's house. A mob, chanting for his execution. People had begun to see the government as corrupt and wanted to replace our Leader, who albeit a dictator, was a benevolent one. In a couple of hours, I saw the leader of the mob holding his head. My mother and I had to run as far away as we could because my father's position would surely get us killed. I took what little possessions I could carry in a small knapsack and fled.

July, 1966
I was lucky. My friends, whose fathers and mothers also had high-ranking positions in the government, were detained and their parents either killed or sent to a labor camp. My mother and I were able to take a train out to a remote part of the remote, undeveloped countryside. We acted like the colonists that I read about in my history books, gathering wood to make a cabin and cooking. We were able to survive for a month so far, which bodes well for the future. Cutting out some of the fabric in my dress, I was able to dethread it and use the fibers to make traps for animals, but so far it has caught nothing, most likely because the fabric isn't strong. Most of the food we get we get from our small garden, and any animal I can kill in the woods. There is nobody out here, but we still try and keep a lookout for any. I was hungry all the time. I remember telling my mother one day that 'I can't take it anymore, I will die without my jewels or decent food!' Her response was along the lines of 'Well deal with it or die.' I proceeded to pout and sulk in this fashion for many weeks after we had fled. I still look back on that and feel somewhat justified.

February, 1967
I consider myself to either be lucky, resilient or both, for the winter this year almost killed me. I almost starved on multiple occasions, but I was always found some way of feeding myself, luckily. The minimal crops we are growing are promising and should be able to feed us for a few months. This day is another that sticks out in my mind, for today is the day I found another person. Well, six other people. They fled from a different country than I did, but thankfully we still speak the same language. They have been living a nomadic lifestyle for a few months longer than I have been living in the woods, and know much more than I do about the available food sources. I invite them to live with us, and a few months later, we have living spaces for them.

December, 1969
It's been three years since I ran away from my home, and I now am in charge of about three thousand people, either people that actually lived out in the woods, people fleeing their homes, or people that are isolationist. We have a steady food supply and use local rivers for fish and we are able to hunt. Some people knew where some domesticated sheep were, so now we have access to real clothes, instead of garments made from animal skins. They consider me their leader, because I, in their minds, 'brought them together'. We set up a republic, with me as its leader for the time being. We decided to become isolationist, and have tried to begin building villages. Once we are ready, I suppose we shall open to the outside world.

November, 1985
I am now the leader of a thriving nation. I never thought that this could happen, but nevertheless, it did. I am now thirty years old, and as a nation, we have conquered the nation that used to be my home. On that day we saw a flare from the sky, so we decided that our nation should be called Celestial Wave, in honor of whatever luck we received that day. I have asked multiple times if the people wish for me to stay in office, but every referendum I always am re-elected. It is curious how this always occurs, but I let it be. I am looking forward to whatever awaits me and my fellow countrymen and women in years to come.
October, 2017
I never knew that the leader of Celestial Wave had a journal, until she gave it to me upon her retirement and my election. Of course, the last entry in you is from thirty years ago. Oddly enough, when I ran for candidacy, I was once again elected to fill my mother's shoes, while she gets to go on vacation in the Bahamas. She deserves it though, after ruling a nation for thirty years while trying to serve the people as a president, not a dictator. She led the foundation for this nation to expand upon, and I am looking forward to what the future holds for Celestial Wave.