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FNR | RP Region Map and Map Rules


Founded January 15, 2016

LinkGoogle Form RP Application (For WA Nations and puppets of WA Nations)

LinkForum RP Application (For non-WA Nations)

Political Map

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  1. Roleplayers must post with each of their nations IC (In-Character) at least once every 14 days in The Free Nations Realm. If it has been two weeks since the last IC or RP post, the nation is considered inactive.

  2. Nations may remain inactive for 7 days before being considered "expired". When expired, they may be annexed by other nations. Expired nations will be colored gray on the map with red lettering.

    • If the expired nation has not posted for 7 days and no other nation tried to annex it or intervene, the expired Nation will be removed from the map.

  3. Annexation should be a war RP (but does not have to be necessarily) between the annexing nation and the expired nation.

    1. The way the expired nation is annexed must be compatible with how the expired behaved in posts and their factbooks.

    2. Cheap excuses like "the expired nation has fallen into anarchy" are forbidden unless it makes sense lorewise for the specific expired nation.

    3. A nation may declare victory if 7 days have passed since the start of the annexation and no other nations intervened militarily against the annexing nation.

    4. After the annexing nation has declared victory, the expired nation will be relabeled to represent that it has been occupied.

    5. Annexing nations must occupy an expired nation's land for at least 7 days before they can begin fully integrating it, Annexed territories can become part of the mainland only after 31 days, while 20 days are needed for it to become a fully integrated territory.
      15A. The sole exception is territories given to another nation by being bought, gifted, or by a treaty, in that case the territories will become immediately integrated, but 11 days are needed for them to become part of the mainland.

    6. If other nations intervene militarily in the annexation, there must be either a peaceful agreement or a war. If none of the above happens, the expired nation will be whitespaced (deleted).

    7. Nations require approved military factbooks in order to conduct any war RP.

  4. If the annexing and expired nations are not neighbours or located within 300 pixels of distance, the annexed territory is considered a colony. This means that they will never be fully integrated into the annexing nation.

  5. Colonies may not contribute to a nation's total population or military personnel and thus will be put separately on the Statistics Table.

  6. If a nation has been expired for more than 7 days and no annexation efforts have been made, it will be removed from the map i.e. whitespaced.

  7. Players may have one nation of a starting maximum size of 450x500 Pixels and another nation of starting maximum starting size of 250x300 pixels.

  8. Players who expired and returned to find their nation annexed will be entitled to an automatic successful liberation of their former map spot one time only. This free liberation pass is only if the expired nation has been integrated for less than one month. Alternatively, formerly expired players may continue RPing as a part of the occupied territory of the occupying nation.

  9. White space cannot be invaded.

  10. Nations are only allowed one annexation attempt per month. Moreover, nations are not allowed to annex more than one nation at the same time

  11. If a Nation leaves The Free Nations Region and does not return within one day, it will be marked as expired. Nations that posted less than 10 RP posts will be immediately whitespaced after the inactive period or if they leave FNR.

  12. When filling out the RP application, players are obligated to specify the location and size of their nations to the best of their ability. The location can be described by citing geographical features like "between the Lake of the Two Sicilies and the Matindi Sea" or by naming neighbouring nations that can already be found on the map. Alternatively, an edited map/screenshot with the location of your nation marked in it can be used.
    Applications that are too vague about the location may be rejected.

  13. If a new nation on the map does not make their first IC post within a week, it will be whitespaced.

  14. If a nation annexes an expired nation's mainland that had colonies, the colonies will not be annexed. If a nation annexes an expired nation's colony, the mainland and other colonies will not be annexed and will be whitespaced instead.

  15. The Map is for visualisation purposes and may be outdated for short periods of time. Updates are managed by the Cartographer frequently.

  16. Players can have a maximum of two nations on the map. One main and one puppet/secondary nation, but they can have a third nation if itís a joint nation. No others are possible. All nations are subject to the same rules of expiration. Nations controlled by a single player cannot annex each other and are also not allowed to share a land or maritime border.

  17. Nations are not allowed to grow larger than 750x675 pixels on the map.

  18. Puppets/Secondary Nations are not allowed to grow larger than 350x400 pixels on the map except Joint Nations.

  19. You can request the Cartographer to mark your nation(s) as AFK. But they can only remain AFK for 3 months at most before being whitespaced.

  20. Befasia can't be claimed in the application

    Blank Map

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    Borders between the continents map.

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    End 2020/start 2021 FNR RP Map=Countryballs Version

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    General climate map

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