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Hey! It's Mihro!!

[box][center]Hey Guys! This is my main nation [nation]Mihro[/nation]! I joined here on NationStates on October 16, 2020. I'm a Filipino, a high school student. I found this game from Drew Dernil, a YouTuber, playing this game, and I find it interesting so I immediately checked this out and it was a very amazing simulation game, so I decided to make my own nation, [nation]Mihro[/nation]. Mihro was first founded on the East Pacific, and moved to The Astrogarth Region and become the WA Delegate, I am currently the longest-serving WA Delegate of the Region. Mihro has a democratic government, has a population of 212 million (December 1, 2020), and the Head of Information in [region]The Astrogarth Region[/region]
I am currently playing this game in a public Internet Cafe so I don't know if I am going to be one of the nations that will be banned from the world assembly, I have a puppet nation called Mihro TWO[/center][/box]
[box][floatleft][size=90]Democracy is a system of government in which laws, policies, leadership, and major undertakings of a state or other polity are directly or indirectly decided by the “people."
source:[url=] Brittanica[/url][/size][/box][/floatleft]
[center][box][size=150][b] Mihroan Order Of Precedence [/b][/center][/box][/size]
[center][box][b]Free Buckingham Emiliano (President)
Jane Yokon (V. President)
Galora  Tilino (President of the senate)
Finlat Diagnosh (Spokesperson)
Ontario Tanay (Head of finance)
Carlo Koloy (Head of Justice)
Fon SianChin (Head of Agriculture)
Zenonn Hoj (Head of public works)
Wite Ol (Head of Education)
Perlas Kaliunga (Secretary of national defense)
Von Don (Head of health)
Kelliz Xander (Head of trade and industry)
Voloriashayon Vibyan (Head of environmental and natural resources)
Tomas Vondours (Head of Tourism)
Arthur Jhones (Head of transportation)
Mark Donfondon (Head of Science and technology)
John SianChin (Mihroan Ambassador)[/b][/box][/center]

[size=100]Roleplay only[/size]

The Music Nation of Mihro