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SolarFlare Plan for Z-Day

If you all remember, N-day was a fun minigame event that occured in September was lots of fun! I (foolishly) joined the faction Horsemen of the Apocalypse and got nuked and decimated, but it was still fun! (I'll do better next year!).

Z-day is sort of a game wide sequel to N-day that is zombie apocalypse themed. While this is my first year on NationStates, I have been reading several dispatches for the event and am quite excited myself. Basically, you will receive an issue and it will give you three options, Kill, join, or cure. If you dismiss the issue, you won't be able to continue participating.

I want all nations participating to please chose the CURE option, if at all possible. Please don't chose the other two options. I think that this option takes the longest out of the three of them, but once it's ready, send missiles to you fellow region mates. On our discord, (link in the world factbook entry) I will be giving out special commands whenever I am online.

If you have an embassy with us and want to be our ally, please just send me a telegram.