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St Abbaddon World Assembly


[align=center][b][color=Teal][size=150]Endorsing The Delegate[/b][/size][/color][/align]

[b]The World Assembly Delegate plays a major role in our region. Our current WA Delegate/Lord Reaper is [nation]Draganisia[/nation]! His job is to represent us in the World Assembly and on the international stage! To join the World Assembly simply just click this link When you join the World Assembly and endorse our delegate, you will gain privileges that non WA nations don't get. You will be allowed to serve in our regional government, participate in World Assembly Discussions, and be apart of the St Abby Dragon Warrior Program.[/b]

[align=center][b][color=Teal][size=150]How can I help my Delegate??[/b][/size][/color][/align]
[b]There can only be one WA Delegate per region. The good news is you can be part of how the delegate votes. You can join the Ministery of the World Assembly. There you can write up proposals that the Delegate will help propose, advise the Delegate on how he or she votes, and having a say in the World Assembly! Here in [region]St Abbaddon[/region], you are also a pillar of defense against raiders. Will you join us?[/b]

[align=center][b][color=Teal][size=150]How many Endorsements Can I Get?[/b][/size][/color][/align]
[b]If you endorse our Delegate/Lord Reaper [nation]Draganisia[/nation], and our Supreme Council of Elders, [nation]Allangoria[/nation], [nation]Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire[/nation], and [nation]Niktobr[/nation], you can receive the maximum amount of 3 Endorsements. If you don't endorse our delegate, and our Supreme Council of Elders, you can only receive 0. By endorsing our delegate, you increase the Delegate's in the World Assembly by 1 vote. These endorsements are important because our region can express itself when a major issue comes up in the Workd Assembly. It's not mandatory to join the World Assembly but its recommended.[/b]

[align=center][b][color=Teal][size=150]The Delegate Program Mission Statement[/b][/size][/color][/align]
[b]The Outer Council Of The World Assembly is to provide citizens of [region]St Abbaddon[/region] to have a chance to advise our Delegate on how he or she votes, help make proposals to submit to the World Assembly, and most importantly give you the a voice in our region!! The Outer Council of World Assembly matters wants you!![/b]

[align=center][b][color=Teal][size=150]The Guardian of St Abby[/b][/size][/color][/align]

[b]The Guardian of St Abby is a true, and powerful testament to the region of [region]St Abbaddon[/region]. Becoming a Guardian of St Abby is where you swear loyalty, allegiance, and sacrifice to the Crown of St Abby! By endorsing these individuals below, you are saying that I will preserve, and protect this treasured region so folks will have an opportunity to enjoy later on! The title Guardian of St Abby must be earned by endorsing everyone on this list, and keeping it that way. This is the St Abbaddon force who are the first line of defense for the kingdom, and her beautiful isles that make it up! But they get one right that no other citizens may get. That Guardian may either fly the seal from above on their head banner, somewhere on their regional flag, or have a custom flag made with the Guardian of St Abby encompassed into it. They will also earn a special discord role to! So we ask you this question? Are you willing to become a Guardian of St Abby? Below will help you with getting the process started![/b]

[Box][align=center][Color=teal][b][u]Please Endorse These Individuals[/b][/color][/u]
1. [b]Lord Reaper of Abbaddon:[/b] [nation]Draganisia[/nation]
2. [b]Chief Elder:[/b] [nation]Allangoria[/nation]
3. [b]Elder of Foreign Affairs:[/b] [nation]Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire[/nation]
4. [b]Elder/Defense and Culture:[/b] [nation]Niktobr[/nation]
5. [b]Elder of Roleplay:[/b] [nation]Platinia[/nation] (LOA)[/align][/box]

[b]Step I:[/b] [i]Join the World Assembly found here, , and endorse the following nations above.[/i]

[box][align=center][color=teal][b]Guardian of St Abby Application[/b][/color][list]
[*]What is your World Assembly Nation Name, and Discord Tag?
[*]What is your favorite thing about St Abby?
[*]Are you willing to leave your World Assembly Nation here, and spread the word about becoming a Guardian of St Abby?
[*][i]I (Nation Name) do solemnly swear that I will be a honorable Guardian of Abby to protect, defend, and encompass a future for generations after myself! Long Live St Abbaddon![/i][/list][/align][/box]

[b]Step II:[/b] [i]You can fill out this form, and submit it to [nation]Draganisia[/nation], or [nation]Allangoria[/nation] by telegram. If you prefer, you will find this same application in our citizenship channel, or newcomers information channel on our discord.[/i]

[b]Step III:[/b] [i]Please wait to be selected. You will get a telegram, or a private message on Discord.[/i]

[b]Step IV:[/b] [i]You will have your name engraved here to signify you are a Guardian of St Abby![/i]

[Box][align=center][Color=teal][b][u]The Guardians of Abby[/b][/color][/u]
1. [b]Lord Reaper of Abbaddon:[/b] [nation]Draganisia[/nation]
2. [b]Chief Elder:[/b] [nation]Allangoria[/nation]
3. [b]Elder of Foreign Affairs:[/b] [nation]Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire[/nation]
4. [b]Elder/Defense and Culture:[/b] [nation]Niktobr[/nation]
5. [b]Elder of Roleplay:[/b] [nation]Platinia[/nation] (LOA)
6. [b]Guardian of Abby:[/b] [nation]Susington[/nation][/align][/box]