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Z-Day Approaches

A minor outbreak of zombies has emerged, prior to the predicted date, but it is no matter! They have been swiftly dealt with and we are free to resume our carefree lives until the day the true apocalypse dawns.

Once that does we are faced with the greatest of threats, the threat of complete societal or ecological collapse. We shall do our best to fight the zombie hordes with the miracles of modern science, researching a cure to save the world from the curse of undeath.

Once Z-Day arrives, you will be granted access to a panel that displays the number of living, infected, and dead citizens of your nation. This will also give you the opportunity to choose how you will deal with the threat posed by the virus. The Ministry of Shadows recommends selecting the options to research a cure. At the same time, magical barriers constructed for this exact day will be lowered around Refugia. These will prevent the infected from entering our borders and laying waste to our homes.

Once research for a cure completes, you will be able to construct cure missiles, a type of super weapon capable of curing millions of zombies in a single shot. These are our sole defense in the apocalypse, so they must be carefully used. If used normally, there is a 30 second cooldown between firings, but if you are struck by another cure missile, this cooldown extends to 2 minutes. Hence, the operations, come Z-Day, will be led by Chacapoya the Ops Councillor, and dictated through RMB and discord. Targets will be identified and declared, so as to maximize our healing efficiency. These can be accessed from the same panel that displays your living and infected citizens.

If you are unable to complete a cure before you are fully infected, or are unsure you will be able to finish one in time, take heart! You can be cured and research can begin again, so long as there are citizens to cure. This is why it is very important not to attempt the extermination of the zombies in your borders. These former friends, neighbors, family members can be saved, but not brought back after being destroyed.

That is all for now. Rest well friends, enjoy life, drink deep of joy, for it may soon be gone.

More instructions will follow.

T̸h̸e̶ ̵m̴i̷n̵i̵s̶t̵r̷y̷ ̶o̸f̸ ̸s̵h̴a̸d̷o̷w̵s̴ ̷w̵i̴l̴l̸ ̸e̶n̷s̴u̴r̵e̶ ̸o̷u̷r̵ ̷s̸a̵f̶e̶t̵y̶.̴ ̸
A̵l̴l̸ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̸ ̵b̸e̷ ̴w̸e̸l̴l̴.̷

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