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Grand Pacifica Recruitment Information

Why We Recruit

The lifeblood of any region is active nations. It is an unfortunate fact that regions will always gradually lose nations. There are two ways to counter this: Boost activity so there is more incentive to stay active, slowing down the nation loss, and recruiting faster than we lose nations. Adding more nations is the more effective solution, any nations that become very active in regional affairs will increase activity anyways.

If you'd like to help keep Grand Pacifica going for (years?) to come, consider joining the Recruitment Team! This is totally optional, but it is much appreciated. Interested? Shoot me a telegram about joining!

I've given all government officials recruitment permissions by default.

How It Works

All you have to do is send recruitment telegrams to a few nations each day. Even just 5-10 telegrams sent a day, which will take you no more than a few minutes, is already a huge help. The two main ways to send telegrams are by manually sending telegrams, or using an API.

Manual telegrams are easier to set up, and due to the way NationStates sorts telegrams, recruitment telegrams sent manually arrive the the designated nation ahead of telegrams sent by an API. The speed at which you can send telegrams manually is only limited by how fast you can send them.
Difficulty: If you are able to use NationStates, you can do it.

To send telegrams manually, go to our list of Telegram Templates, scroll down to the bottom, click Raw to get the code of the templates. Copy all the recruitment telegram code, then go here. You should see a list of all the newly created nations. Click on the newest one, scroll to the bottom, click Write Telegram, paste the telegram code into there, then next to where it says what nation you are sending the telegram to, click the dropdown arrow, and checkmark This is a recruitment telegram. You must do this, so that there will be a nice button at the bottom of the telegram that will allow the receiving nation to hop straight into the region. Also, the NationStates moderators will get mad at you if you don't. (I forgot to check that box on my telegrams at first, which actually got the mods mad enough to send me a telegram telling me to check the boxes or else.)

An API is a lot more annoying to get set up with, but it sends telegrams automatically. The rate at which you can send telegrams via API is restricted to one every three minutes to prevent spamming, but remember you can literally run the API on your computer the whole day without any human input.
Difficulty: Extremely basic technical know-how required.

Ever-Wandering Souls has created a great guide that will explain how to set up an API, so I won't bother explaining it here. Thanks for the guide dude!

Current Members

All regional officers