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by The Incorporated States of New Michag. . 4 reads.

A speech to those that remained

A transcript of a speech given by a surviving Congressman of Michag 5 months after the Michag-Norwistan war.

"It was a quiet day when the bombs went off.

Joseph was on his way to work when it happened. There was no warning, no panic, no time to process what was going on... only a blinding light and then nothingness.

He was one of the lucky ones, no pain nor fear... just gone. Just a fast as Joseph's flame had been extinguished so had the nation of Michag.

By the time the dust settled there would be nearly 300 million casualties, 3 times more would die in the following months from radiation sickness.

Michag died that day, but we did not. Out of the ashes we rose. We persevered. So, people of New Michag... I urge you to remember: we will stand resilient to all the hardships that stand before us. Together, we can lead our new nation to it's predecessor's former glory!"

-Joel Fredericks