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There Will be Blood

There Will be Blood
by: Maxilliam Houster
Oct 13, 25,993

There will be blood on this damned day.
When the Random Empire decided to come our way
We showed them our glee, our happiness and content,
however, they came here with a malicous intent.

We tried to negotiate, talk, pray and plead;
“no” they said, “do not try us, heed.”
“Now you all must know what is at stake,
we, the Random Empire are going to retake
what was once rightfully ours. Now listen to our needs,
less all of you false Randomians wish to bleed.”

We wanted to be free, not a planet will fall.
“No” they said, “we must take all.”
Well maybe a province we can have, that we shall run.
Our own Random Empire, can’t this be done?
“No” they said, “there can only be one.”
There will be blood.

“That can’t be allowed!” is what we had said,
“We’d rather be free, not run by some head!”
“Please”, we pleaded, “find some humanity within you.”
“Please”, we pleaded again, “please allow us to continue.”
“That shan’t be the case.” The Randomians went ahead,
“If you won’t join us, you will all be dead.”

We pleaded some more, mourned, argued and protest.
“No” once more, “we must continue with our final reconquest.”
They must, must continue with their glorious crusade.
Not a single planet shall be missed, nor taken away.
“No” we finally said, “not a single planet from Plontest!”
There will be blood.

The Randomians laughed, and scurried away.
Their fleet left the planet, and went their own way.
Their fleet left the system, our home, our spawn.
“Were they?”... “were they finally gone?”...

No, they just needed to get their soldiers of cold metal and meat.
As well as a gigantic Random sector-fleet!

They destroyed our space forces, and gave a little chuckle,
before turning all our cities into smoldering piles of rubble.
Drop-pods, drop-ships, and transports came down.
Pouring their bastardous warriors onto my poor little town.
They’re now at my building, soon on my level.
I ready my gun, as well as my shovel,
There will be blood.


“There Will be Blood” was a poem written by Maxilliam Houster at the age of 19, he had spent just a single day writing it. On September 30, during the beginning of Random’s Great Reconquest, the Third Random Empire had entered the system of Plontest to try to negotiate a peaceful subjugation of the system from the native free-Randomians. The negotiations failed, causing the small Random fleet to fall back to get reinforcements from Battlefleet Typhondus. On the 7th of October, they returned. The Randomains quickly destroyed the small space forces of the Plontestians. They then bombarded the planet, and soon landed planet side with millions of soldiers. The Plontest defense armies, militia and regular people put up a good fight, but they were eventually taken over by the fifteenth.

Maxilliam’s town fell on the twelfth. Max himself had participated in the defense of the town, protecting his apartment from Random soldiers until he was injured. He then became a POW of the Random Army, and was transported to a prison camp. On his way there and during his first day at the camp, he had created “There Will be Blood”. The poem would eventually outlive him, as he was executed for the creation of the poem, among other offenses. The poem was put into the Central Cultural Databank of Plontest. The poem is still allowed and is still a popular poem in the system, despite 100,000 years of separation and having a rather traitorous message.

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