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Military of west Florida

Overview - West Floradian Military
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Npc West Florida


West Floradian Army

West Floradian Navy

West Floradian Marine Corp

West Floradian Air Corp

West Floradian Space Rangers (not fully operational)

Supreme Commander

George Patton

Field Marshall

Milton Becker

Air Marshall

Edward Sparks

Admiral of the Fleets

Adolph Caldwell

Enlistment Age


Active Personnel


Reserved Personnel


Total Personnel



$ 1,500,000


Pog Civil War

West Floradian Revolution

First Pog war

Second Pog war

Floradian Civil war

Table of Contents

1. Introductory

2. History

3. Chain of Command

4. Personnel










-The regular division of the Army of the Republic of West Florida was officially established on December 12, 1810. The original Army evolved out of the war-time Floradian Army during the hostilities of the West Floradian Revolution and came into its own. Any man who enlisted in the regular division would receive $24 in cash, the rights to 800 acres (320 ha) of land, and instant Floradian citizenship. Those who joined the volunteer auxiliary corps would receive 640 acres (260 ha) of land if they served two years, while those who served 1 year would receive 320 acres (130 ha). A month later the establishment of a Legion of Cavalry would be authorized.

The commander of the regular forces, Phillip Clayton, called for 5,000 men to enlist in the regular army but had difficulty convincing men to join. Many of the arrivals from the United States did not want to be under a more strict military control, and instead informally joined the volunteer units that had gathered in other parts of West Florida. These volunteer soldiers were in many cases more impassioned than the West Florida settlers. Although the provisional West Florida government was still debating whether the troops were fighting for independence or for separate statehood, on December 20, 1810, the Floradian garrison at Mobile voted unanimously to issue a proclamation of independence, stating "that the former province and department of West Florida is, and of right ought to be, a free, sovereign and independent state".

The provisional government had originally placed Clayton in charge of the regular forces, but in December the council gave secret orders to James Fannin, Frank W. Johnson, and Dr. James Grant to prepare forces to invade Pog. Clayton was then ordered to travel to East West Florida to broker a treaty that would allow the Cherokee to remain neutral in the conflict. Johnson and Grant gathered 300 of the 400 men garrisoned in Baton Rouge and left to prepare for the invasion.

The government was woefully short of funds. On January 6, 1836, Colonel James C. Neill, commander of the remaining 100 troops in Baton Rouge, wrote to the council: "there has ever been a dollar here I have no knowledge of it. The clothing sent here by the aid and patriotic exertions of the honorable Council, was taken from us by arbitrary measures of Johnson and Grant, taken from men who endured all the hardships of winter and who were not even sufficiently clad for summer, many of them having but one blanket and one shirt, and what was intended for them given away to men some of whom had not been in the army more than four days, and many not exceeding two weeks."

For the next several months it was unclear who was in charge of the Floradian army—Fannin, Johnson, Grant, or Clayton. On January 10, Johnson issued a call to form a Federal Volunteer Army of West Florida which would march on Pensacola during the Pensacola expedition.

After the Pensacola expedition succeeded in capturing the city and its surroundings, Pog gave us our independence in exchange for not executing the emperors son, who was in the city when it was captured.

Since that time, our military history was the same as

Chain of Command






1st LT

2nd LT







Note: Higher ranks use the Major General Insignia


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