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Praecolumbianas Hub


Dispatch Overview
This is the regional hub for all dispatches and sub-dispatches. Select one of the sections listed above to get to that dispatch. All dispatches have the option to switch from dispatch to dispatch with just a click of the mouse. It is recommended to visit the above-linked dispatch, Region and Nation Guide to apply for citizenship which has all the necessary info to help you apply. The Regional News is updated weekly and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is below that to guide players with common problems/concerns.
Regional News (updated weekly):
Week of the 1st of November, 2020
- Mass Telegrams continue to be sent as frequent as possible to get an influx of members
- Praecolumbianas is looking for anyone with or without region officer experience to become an officer, you just need to have knowledge of the time period, aka pre-columbian era. Telegram The muisca for more information.
- Discord creation is on hold until 10 active members are reached.
- Resources and Culture Map are expected to be completed by the 8th of November, 2020.

* We also need a new WA Delegate! (Our previous one just got up and left without a word)

News Archive:

Week of the 25th of October, 2020
- Dispatches are being added and updated frequently to ensure organization and visual appearance.
- Mass TG's have been sent out to encourage nations to join
- Regional Government dispatch will be released upon start of roleplay
- Roleplay to start once region reaches 10 active nations including the 2 current founders.
- Regional Government format has been decided: Parties will be labeled after Mayan gods to align with the current ongoing theme of Mayan numerals, pictures, and so on.

F A Q ' s:
How do I be considered part of the region? -
To be considered part of the region, read the dispatch Praecolumbianas Application, to apply for a spot on the map. You owning a spot on the map automatically qualifies you for citizenship which opens access to all region features like roleplay and regional government participation.

Is the nation list provided in the Region/Nation Guide the only nations I can be? -
While it is encouraged to use nations in the list due to the higher possibility of finding necessary application info, no, it is not required to be one of those nations. There are plenty of other lesser kingdoms that do not have as much information about them, most likely due to the conquistadors and priests destroying anything of value, that you can still be. The slogan I use for this question is, "As long as it's within the regional map, I do not give a crap." Furthermore, you do not have to take on these(Nation List) names while it again is encouraged to add realism to the regional appearance, it is not required because the nation/civilization you roleplay as will be the name labeled on the regional map(totally fictional names are allowed but need to be noted in application).

What do I do if I cannot find enough information for my application?
If you are having trouble finding information like the name of a religion, keep in mind most pre-Columbian religions are labeled as mythology and is usually, historically, named after the creator god. If you are having trouble finding information about other things (including religion too) like government type, currency you should either A.) Look at the past or future PRE-COLUMBIAN civilizations of the region/civilization you are claiming to see if it includes the required info B.) Look at nearby civilizations forms of government, currency, and religion and adopt those practices into your own, this is totally acceptable but please make note of it in your application so we can verify your alternate sources(Example: the costa rican kingdom of Nicoya could adopt Inca, Muisca, OR Mayan customs), C.) Contact a region official for assistance in choosing said application requirements or for more information
How do I roleplay in this region?
Roleplay in general is the acquisition of a character and or entity which you act through their perspective. Therefore, in order to properly roleplay, you must be aware that this is a past tech region so the use of horses, phones, guns, etc is strictly prohibited. Additionally, if you were to for example rule the Aztec, you should roleplay how you best understand the Aztec acted. Otherwise, as long as you know how to roleplay, its pretty cross-regional as in there is not a specific format you must follow, just make it realistic to the time period, technology, and geographical location. War roleplay has its own guide for technology info/basic war rules.
Why does the map not include a good portion of North America?
Through personal historical and societal knowledge, people often levitate towards civilizations of North America because they either have a connection to it or just "already know" enough about said civilizations. While its great that you have a personal connection or knowledge, the point of Praecolumbianas is to educate people on the more unknown or less covered civilizations that do truly deserve a chance to win your heart. Not to mention, some North American tribes do exist within our map boundaries, and if or when our region fills a decent number of slots it is possible for the rest of the Americas to be added to the map. For now the exclusion serves as a buffer to kind of push players to choose a civilization they've never heard of and actually learn from it.

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