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Ra-attra Race

The Ra-attra Race

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Ra-attra is a name which these creatures have given to themselves, which roughly can be translated to "those who are born of the Abyssal world". This is in reference to two things which are related; the first of which is their home in total darkness, and their occult worship of a dark god they call the Abyssal Hand.

Origin Mythos

Where the Ra-attra come from is a complete mystery; but it is likely they were a population of ancients who fled underground when the realms of old were destroyed. Using what technology they had left, they transformed themselves into monsters, and now reign as tunnel-dwelling terrors; techno-barbarians who use their twisted machinery to fuel their bloodshed. From what little is known of their kind, they are constant raiders; moving through any Abyssal territory they can to raider other lands and drag people, kicking and screaming, back into their darkness. From those few who have survived and escape, they speak endlessly of horrors and creatures beyond nature, and of occult practices in the darkness, where some are fed to the Abyssal Hand, and others are made into Ra-attra.


Ra-attra are not a breed of beast which subscribe to any one form. Amidst their many horrors, descriptions are at the very least consistent in that they are pale, skeletal and abominable. Even the larger creatures which are among their host are elongated and awkward, misshapen and strange. They have bodies made for hunting, sharp teeth and claws, bodies which seek out prey creatures that may make for food, slaves or sacrifices. This lack of uniform existence to their kind makes much study of them difficult, as they may be one breed of creature twisted into many, or may be many breeds of creature twisted into one. What is very known, but poorly understood, is that the Ra-attra are capable of taking creatures that are not of their ilk and twist them biologically into Ra-attra. The methods of how this is done are a total mystery.

Life Cycle
Nothing is known of the Ra-attra life cycle, other than that it is born in darkness and dies in darkness. Some Ra-attra are no doubt natural in their creation, but others must be unnatural and created by some unknown process—potentially technological, or perhaps even beyond the understanding of science.

Ra-attra are carnivores, chewing away at flesh and leaving remains in vast garbage piles in their territory or at the edge of their lands; so that these tremendous bone mounds may be seen by others. Based on examination of the corpses left behind in such mounds, it is known that the bone itself is not consumed, but it is often cracked of drilled into in order to completely extract the marrow. Little else is known.

Ra-attra are shy to light and heat, prefering to reside in the dark and cold places of the underground. They have never been seen above ground, and their raids into light-bound territory have never gone too deep, which may indicate a very low tolerance for such realms. When they do venture from their regions of darkness, it is always by night, and never during the day so long as there is light.