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St Abbaddon Foreign Policy

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Elder of Foreign Affairs: Unanda
Deputy Elder of Foreign Affairs:The Fallen Word

If you become a Diplomat in the Ambassador Corps: The Department of Foreign Affairs maintains interregional relations by communicating with other regions. Each embassy of St Abbaddon is either a treaty-ally or potentially-ally of St Abbaddon, and we maintain our foreign affairs abroad by establishing embassies in other regions. Each embassy is run by its own ambassador, and by joining the Diplomatic Corps you can also become one. As an ambassador, you will be a diplomat representing St Abbaddon abroad.

You will be expected to deliver any materials provided to you by the Elder of Foreign Affairs, Chief Elder, and Delegate, and keep an eye out for anything in your assigned region that may be of interest to St Abbaddon. Of course, you will need to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to a diplomat at all times. Being an Ambassador is a great way to get exposure to different regional cultures, meet new people, and make a name for yourself inter-regionally.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs works closely with the rest of the government and community of St Abbaddon to swifty communicate information to the rest of the NationStates World. It falls on the shoulders of these brave men and women to decypher strange foreign dialects, interact with new types of peoples, and to express the will of St Abbaddon onto them. You will be taught these skills and more. Not for the faint hearted.
”How do you know so much about swallows?” “Well, you have to know these things when you’re a king, you know.”

St Abbaddon Ambassador's

1. Balder: Vacant
2. Mariner Trench | The North Pacific: Allangoria
3. Yggdrasil Vacant
4. Hartfelden Vacant
5. The Democratic Republic Vacant

St Abbaddon Embassy Act

St Abbaddon is a region that has a friendly embassy. This policy is aimed to establish embassies that benefit our region, and the requesting region. Below are the requirements to have an embassy, other responsibilities of Foreign Affairs Committee.

Embassy Requirements

• They have a RMB post from that at least 10 days ago.

• They must have at least 35 nations or at least showing signs that they are recruiting. They also need 5 World Assembly Endorsements.

• Future Embassies after this bill is passed must state the reason why they want an embassy.

• They cannot have any embassies with Fascist or Totalitarian regions.

• They can be either raider or defender as long as they keep our region neutral in any issues with theirs.

• Must have a stable environment and government.

• Must be able to provide an ambassador.

• Must not be a puppet or storage region unless it's a defender or regional restoration organization.

• If we close an embassy, that closing embassy has the right to appeal the closure to the Chief Elder, Elder of Foreign Affairs, or our Lord Reaper.

• Once you meet the requirements we will happily accept your request!

• The Chief Elder, and The Elder of Foreign Affairs must review the embassies every 3 months.

• The Supreme Council reserves the right to update, or make changes to meet the standards for the region.

• The Requesting Region Must not have a Fascist tag.

Additional Duties of The Foreign Affairs Committee

• The Foreign Affairs Committee is made up of 5 members. (Lord Reaper, Chief Elder, Elder of Foreign Affairs, Deputy of Foreign Affairs, and any Citizen nominated by the Chief Elder.)

• The Foreign Affairs Committee may grant asylum to a nation who seeks it. That said nation must have been persecuted, or kicked out of their home region illegally. That said nation can’t apply for asylum if they committed a severe crime.

• The Foreign Affairs Committee may deem any region or nation persona non grata if they are problem in Nationstates, or a threat to St Abbaddon with a simple majority vote.

• The Foreign Affairs Committee reserves the right to subpoena any ambassador to or for St Abbaddon.

• All diplomats, current, or future, will be required to apply for a passport visa, that will be kept on file.

• The Elder of Foreign Affairs is the main contact for Foreign Policy.

• The Foreign Affairs Committee will hold all diplomats accountable to follow all regional laws, rules, and customs. This isn’t excluded to St Abbaddon Constitution, Supreme Council Resolutions, Lord Reaper Decree’s, or Chief Elder Executive Mandates.

• Diplomats may keep nations in the region, join the World Assembly as long as they apply for a diplomatic visa. They may also become citizens if they wish to with consent from their main region they represent.

Desirable Traits:

• Having the "anti-fascist" tag.

• Having an active policy of not tolerating Nazi/Fascist nations within your region.


• Voluntary Member regions of Dream World

St Abbaddon Active Treaties

The Treaty of The Trident 🔱

• A proposed Treaty between Thalassia, and St Abbaddon

• Know ye all personnel by these presents that this document establishes a TREATY of FRIENDSHIP between the regions of Thalassia and St Abbaddon.

• This Treaty makes explicit sign of Friendship between these two regions and signals to all other NationStates regions the solidarity, respect and friendly relations that exist between Thalassia and St Abbaddon.

• This Treaty implies and requires no military involvement or obligation in defending or collaborating on military ventures between the two named regions.

• The parties to this Treaty pledge each other fraternity and respect.

• This Treaty makes explicit the understanding that neither signatory to this Treaty shall engage in any acts of belligerence or aggression toward the other, or toward any of each regions Provinces, Territories, Colonies or Allies.

Acts of Implementation

• Upon ratification of this Treaty by the Government and Ruler of each region, each region must formally accept the treaty by sending an Accredited Diplomat with his/her full confidence they will represent their region with confidence, respect, and professionalism to the other region they will be the ambassador to.

• Such Diplomatic Representative shall present Credentials by posting a statement on the Civil Headquarters/Regional Message Board stating its diplomatic nature, the name of the region it represents, and the fact a Treaty of Friendship exists between Thalassia, and St Abbaddon.

• Both parties to this Treaty may make it optional to provide a Consulate or an Embassy for their counterpart on their Regional Forum. If so, the Diplomatic Representative shall present his/her Credentials by posting in whichever Forum is dictated by that region’s Government, Culture or Traditions.

• The only other material act necessary to activate and keep this Treaty in force shall be that each region shall list the other region by name in a World Fact Book/Dispatch, or in a World Fact Book entry link that indicates, in whatever language each region shall choose, the ties between the two regions.

• The Diplomatic Nations sent to the regions of the signatories to this Treaty may remain in the region and post messages as it deems appropriate, and will be granted all privileges and rights of the residents of the regions of the signatories to this Treaty, except that such Diplomatic Nations may not seek any public, vote in elections, or propose laws unless they become citizens of that said region.

• Once these steps have been taken and are completed, this Friendship Treaty will be in effect.

Additional Benefits of Diplomacy

• It is contemplated that entering the Friendship Treaty shall be the first diplomatic step leading to closer relations between our regions.

• Each region may establish an Embassy, Diplomatic Office, or Consular Office in the regional forum of the other region.

• The WA Delegates of each respective region are encouraged to communicate with each other in an effort to work together on WA matters when they need to on an optional basis.

• As friendly regions, the parties to this treaty should feel free to seek cooperation on other matters.

Signatories From Each Region

For Thalassia Foreign Minister/Founder Sho:

For Thalassia Chancellor Owl Archipelago:

For The St Abbaddon Chief Elder Allangoria:

For The Lord Reaper of St Abbaddon Draganisia: Draganisia

Read factbook

Please send any supporting details for embassy requests to Elder of Foreign Affairs: Unanda