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Layem Times Issue 23

Saturday, October 24th, 2020 - - - Confederacy of Layem


Interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs Randolphina

by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

It is a popular opinion among Layemese people that Randy has been quite successful so far as Minister of Foreign Affairs. This week, I asked him a few questions about how he thinks of himself as a politician, among other things. Let's get on with the interview!

Baaas: How accomplished do you think you are at this point in your term?

Randolphina: Half accomplished. I haven't been as active as I would like to be.

Baaas: Why did you run for MoFA in the first place?

Randolphina: To increase Layem's security and influence throughout Nationstates.

Baaas: What is your big plan for this term? What is your first priority?

Randolphina: Creating and or joining a regional alliance.

Baaas: Do you plan on running for a second term or perhaps another government position?

Randolphina: I plan on running for Chief Minister in December of 2020.

That's the interview, folks! God bless the Confederacy of Layem and hail Kalaria!


Column: Relations Report: Hualonia and Benderk

by Columnist Benderk

1. What current relationship do your nations have?

Hualonia: I didn't commit any diplomatic actions this week lol.
I'd say pretty good.

Benderk: Currently, Hualonia is an autonomous region of the Third Empire of Benderk, under a Constitutional Monarchy. Seeing as how they were conquered under the second empire and haven’t really fought for independence—as well as they have had a huge impact on the culture—I would say that Hualonia is an integral part of Benderk right now.

2. Describe one point in your shared history where the two of you were hostile

Hualonia: I have no history.

Benderk: Hualonia was part of Benderk’s conquest of the Chi Zhe River basin but they have not been hostile to the occupation and have been granted autonomy in recent history.

3. How culturally similar or different are your two nations?

Hualonia: What ethnicity are you?

Benderk: I'm a combination of Chinese, German, and Armenian.

Hualonia: Chink-German so pretty similar

4. Is there any additional information you can or are willing to give?

Hualonia: joined Benderk to be in a dumbass soccer league xaxaxaxaxa.

Benderk: He did indeed sell his soul just to put his team in my list of teams for the LSL (Layem Soccer League) lol. Worth it.

Column: The Nation of Domination: Elvato's New Thing

by Columnist SomethingIsWrongHere


Write about whatever you want, I don’t really care that much
But tell me the topic first so I can approve


The Nation of Domination
something 'bout them.


yes, you may do that

So yes! That's exactly what I'm doing. Sheesh.

What is The Nation of Domination?

It’s basically a mini raiding region, made for mini raids. It’s also just a random community. It’s a lot of things. Yet none of them are embassy collectors. We basically just… forgot about Elvatos Bus Stop, basically.

Why did Elvato want to do this? Well, in his words:
“I wanted to try and dip my toes into new Experiences in NS”
Hey, That's completely liable! I left Layem for a while, and I came back!

So… What to do there, and what is there to do?

Well… We have a discord and a forum up and running. We also have an auto TG’er going, thanks to the NS Mods very kind decision to give my puppet (The Embosoyova) an API key.

We are also doing mini raids! So far we have done two successful raids to the regions of Big Farma and The Xaexochaeus Region.

Elvato and Nebieridzi have become WA delegates, although with slight ease since little WA Main nations and endorsements were in either of the two regions. We will potentially do bigger raids in the future. Otherwise, we are on track to create a Democratic government! We will start voting when we have at least 10 WA nations, and our current goal of Nations, in general, is currently seventeen. we currently have around nine at any given time, and around six when raiding.

Why did we create this region?

Elvato's previous region was raided.

It had around 30 nations at the time, but apparently, Elvato was either forced to delete the region or one of the raiders did.

So, yeah! That's all I have to say, Goodbye!

Sports and Games

LWF Week 6 Results

by Sports Correspondent Benderk

Heurfuk City Ducks 34-29 Nexusopolis Corinthians
Kabruha Snakes 11-25 Mirantibus Eagles
Phillippe City Cannucks 19-24 Fboys

Standings are as follows
Layem East Division
1. Galloway Mustangs 4-0
2. Heurfuk City Ducks 2-2
3. Nexusopolis Corinthians 2-2

Layem West Division
1. Mirantibus Eagles 3-1-1
2. Infernoes 2-1-1
3. Phillippe City Cannucks 2-2

1. Fboys 1-4
2. Kabruha Snakes 1-5


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