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Hawkswind Citation Medals

Hawkswind Citation Medals

St Abbaddon is one of the most historical regions all around Nationstates. There have been many heroes have come, and gone throughout our long history. One of those in particular was our dear friend, Hawkswind! While he isn't active today, he is remembered for his sacrifices, and dedication to our region. Therefore the Elders, and many leaders in our region feel it's only fitting to create the Hawkswind Citation Medals Award! This will be the highest award that a citizen can be awarded. To earn one of these 3 medals, the receiptant must possess the qualities of leadership, dedication, hard working, and have the heart of the region in their best interest. Any current Elder who is sitting on the Supreme Council may nominate an individual, and then the whole Supreme Council must vote in favor to approve the nomination. That individual then may display it in a factbook entry, or even as a streamer. Finally their name will be recorded here in this factbook as a member of this exclusive club! As we always say, and as it is mentioned in our WFE, "Forever Remembering Hawkswind"!

Past Awardees

1. Hawkswind (First Class Medal)
2. Kitsco (First Class Medal)
3. Dragonisia (First Class Medal)
4. Kuriko (Second Class Medal)
5. Efrua (Third Class Medal)
6. Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire (Second Class Medal)