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People's Daily news- Evening 23-10-20

People's Daily News

Good Evening, I am Quan Yang bringing you the evening news,

Executive General Lee Yoojung, the head of the state council, Was found dead in his home. The Police were called to his residence after neighbors heard a gunshot ring out from the home. He was found laying on the floor of his living room with a gunshot to the head with the gun in his hand. His colleagues said that he was acting off these last few months but never had they suspected that this would happen. We at the People's Daily send our Condolences to his friends and family.

Europe is the shooting star in many categories according the NBS, based on a report earlier people asked more and Europe is leading in many things some good some tragic. Europeans are the largest group who stay after conscription, Are the loneliest, the most wanted relation wise, The largest diaspora across the country and the most tragic have the highest suicide rate per capita.

The Industrial group CEO's heading to Algeria tomorrow They are going to broker a deal with the Government to boost Algerian industry, they will begin negotiations tomorrow morning at 11:00.

The Army will be deployed in Amman the city in Palestine has grown out of control and the constitution is to be suspended at 00:00, the army will lock the city down and cull the pockets of terror activity.

The PLA is making big gains in Morocco according to the Ministry of Defence, the PLA office announced that they have reached Ansilah and will begin liberating it tonight. The battle is expected to last an entire day.

That was this evening's news, I was Quan Yang wishing you all a very goodnight and we'll see you tomorrow.