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Swordfish SAM


[size=175][b][i]Swordfish Surface-to-Air Missile[/b][/i][/size]



The Swordfish Surface-to-Air Missile was developed for VLS systems and to be a powerful counter to fast moving areal targets. It is designed to quickly approach targets and out maneuver them. Its main goal is to take out missiles, but can also target fast moving aircraft.


[b]National Origin[/b]:[nation=short]Domanania[/nation]
[b]Designed[/b]: 1998-2005
[b]In Service[/b]: 2010-Present
[b]Unit Cost[/b] $1,050,000


[b]Type[/b]: Surface-to-Air and Anti-Missile Missile
[b]Weight[/b] 450 kg
[b]Length[/b]: 4.9m
[b]Diameter[/b]: 180mm
[b]Warhead[/b]: 30 kg Directed Fragmentation
[b]Detonation Mechanism[/b]: Direct Contact, Proximity


[b]Engine[/b]: Two Stage Solid Propellant Rocket
[b]Operational Range[/b]: 3-120km
[b]Flight Altitude[/b]: 0-13km
[b]Speed[/b]: mach 4.5
[b]Guidance[/b]: Inertial guidance, Datalink, Active RF Seeker
[b]Launch Platforms[/b]: Ground Launchers, and VLS Systems