by Max Barry

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by The Red Kingdom of Haremm. . 3 reads.

Poetry of Haremm | Vol. V


Don't leave me wasted and ruined
Not all my petals have withered,
Only wounds are left in its wake,
Salt falling from gaps between your fingers.

Let me breathe some more
For I have so much more to bloom
And maybe one day, the storm
Will finally hear me crying.

I'm holding onto myself alone,
Your presence is deteriorating
In the space where our memories linger
Every moment is fleeting.

There was so much you wanted
And so little I could give,
There weren't enough pieces
So you and I could both live.

Soaked in rain or aching soles,
Tired eyes of insanity,
It didn't matter how battered the soul
for the chance of a little infinity.

Carnival Bliss

Life is like a ferris wheel,
It goes up, down, round and round,
Lifts us up and take us to new heights,
Then have us drop to where it'll take us,
We'll get the chance to be lifted again,
See the carnival lights sparkle through the rain.

The coaster went rolling,
Upwards is goes gliding.
Downwards, people go screaming.
Oh, how delighted they are feeling!

Pink clouds are sold on sticks,
Young, old, enchanted by magic tricks,
Good music all around,
Happiness is the only sound.

A lot happier when I'm with you,
I think what they say is true,
The little things matter,
We notice time never,
Wish I could pause, rewind and replay,
This moment of ecstasy I would remember, every day.

A Student's Day

Today is the last
For some papers to be passed
The flow is so fast

Here comes frustration
It is our mind's pollution
Give up? An option

But students stay strong
They've survived the tragic flow
Of all the deadlines

None at All

A light bulb pops in my head
My thoughts come non-stop
A puzzle piece nearly complete
It halts, getting messes up into pieces

My thoughts are like stagnant water
Still, no movement at all
Waiting for strong air
All that comes is a gust of wind

My ideas are scattered
It comes and goes
It's stuck in my head
Then it's gone again

My thoughts are everywhere
People say it's spontaneous
But I have none
None at all


It was once superfluous
Unconventional, free-flowing
We were words and phrases without
points to end them
Endless road of rhythm and rhyme
I expected the absence of dead ends
But when there came the biggest crime
We were never a sentence until you
Placed a period to your presence


We were once saplings
Smooth, with no mental stains
Giants loomed over us
Friendly, caring giants

We turn to young ones
Happy, vigorous
With curious eyes
But only a blur
Suddenly, it's gone

We grow to be strong
But, do we have conscience?
Do we spend it all?
Do we reach for it?
Move now, time is ticking
You are withering

Your fruit has gone sour
But do you regret it?
Some may be happy
Other's, not so much
But nothing can be done now
The hands near twelve
The sky approaches

From sapling to ash
That is the flow of life
It may be long, winding
It may be fast, furious
Actions affect the course
Lengthens or shortens
But, the flow of life
Is just like traffic

The Red Kingdom of Haremm