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TCB's Revolutionary Endorsement Program

The Revolutionary Endorsement Program (REP)

Today I am happy to announce the launch of the Revolutionary Endorsement Program, or REP, which should bring the Bloc into a great new high in average endorsements. This not only helps you get a shiny 1% Endorsement Badge, but also will get The Communist Bloc possibly the highest average endorsements for a User Created Region.

The Link REP can be found here, and is very simple to use. For a "how to" please read below in this dispatch!

How to use The Revolutionary Endorsement Program (REP)
Thank you for reading this How To!

First of all, we must click the link, which will take you to this page, and click the go button:

On PC it may look like this, in which case you'll need to press the run button at the top!

Simply type in your World Assembly Nation (for purposes of this demonstration, I have used Comrade Ferisa.

The program will then begin to start going through every World Assembly Nation within the Bloc, to see if your nation is endorsing them. This may take some time depending on how many WA nations are within the Bloc, so go get yourself a drink: it's important to keep hydrated! You can run this in another tab while you answer issues or something.

Once the program has ran its course, you will be presented with something that looks like this.

There will be two lists.
The First List is nations who are OVER the endorsement limit. You should quickly un-endorse them. Don't worry, it will never tell you to unendorse our World Assembly Delegates and Vice WADs.
The Second List is nations who are below the Endorsement limit, that you have not endorsed. It also handily generates easy links for you to copy and paste into your url bar, so you can do it quickly.

If you're using a computer, a final step to tidy it up and make it much easier to view is;
copy and paste the results Link into this website, and it will generate a nice neat output which will allow you to just click the link and be taken directly to the nations page!
At time of publication I've been unable to export the information via phone.

And that's all there is to it, watch your endorsement count rise!

Special thanks to Comrade Nottinhaps for their assistance.

24/1/21 Added Vice Delegates Ubertas and The Workers Union of Habsburg-Lorraine