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The Monthly Tabloid | October Issue

October 2020 || Issue IV

The Monthly Tabloid

India Official Newsletter

Editor: Indusse
Writers: Whole India, Oogaoogaoogachaka, Awell Islands, Hindu Mahasabha, Madhyarashtra,Indusse.

Editor's Desk

It's TMT! Yes! We are back with a awesome and a fabulous Edition once again. The Monthly Tabloid publishes it's fourth issue with a variety of articles, add-ons and some special news. We hope you'll like our issue just like the previous ones. Don't forget to upvote and have a safe, cautious and happy month!

Quick News

Indusse, wins the LinkGreen Heart Award of Spiritus for the participation in N-Day⁵ as the Potato General.
• India gets its all new map and cartographer!
• A new roleplay starts at the regional message board.
• TMT releases it's all new Podcast Network!
• As part of our defence forces, they organized a practice mission to gain International Trade Forum from Lily and to liberate it. The practice run was successful and we have successfully liberated a region here.

Podcast: LinkEpisode 1: Introduction
LinkEpisode 2: Meet the People!

To the Democracy!

Written by Indusse

India had it's 2nd Official parliamentary elections in the month of October. Twelve nations participated for the minimal seats of eight and eight candidates were voted to power. The Parliament consists of eight elected representatives, two cabinet elected representative and the Delegate. The Parliament which is a body of eleven members is headed by a speaker who's elected at the time of every delegate elections. The Cabinet nominated Awell Islands, who is the regional security minister and Indigrad, who was one of the loser candidates was lucky drawed (from the losers) to the parliament. The Elected Parliamentarians were welcomed to the Parliament by the honourable speaker Madhyarashtra. At the same time of the parliamentary sworn-in ceremony, the supreme court of India elected two new judges and they were also sworned in by Honourable Chief Justice of India, RIHAAM. The TMT takes this opportunity to congratulate the elected nations and welcome them to the democratic sphere of India.

The Politics of the Day: The Next NS Superpower

Part 1 of 2: The Possibilities...

Written by Whole India

Nationstates has lately become a political globe. It was and still it is still a struggle for supremacy. I have been through many regions i.e The North Pacific, The South Pacific and if you are subscribing to few of the Nationstates’s biggest news networks and especially private then you will get to know a lot of developments in the NS globe. This series will give you a lot of details which you must know. In this part the term civil rights means rights of nations.

There is and was and will be a race for becoming a NS superpower. The North Pacific has been a superpower for quite a long time for about the last 2 years. The South Pacific is an emerging one. There are many loopholes in The South Pacific’s though. The Overall Perception Index [OPI] which is released once in two years gives us quite the inside angle of the making of the next superpower, but it doesn’t wholly give us the answer as it only has Game Created Regions [GCR]. The History has also witnessed the rise of The East Pacific and so its decline today. Its predicted that The South Pacific, The North Pacific and The Rejected Realms would be on rise, but it can even be otherwise. Now let’s head to the possibilities:-

1. The South Pacific
The South Pacific has been on the path of progress in recent times. Their Overall Government Performance has been the second best in all GCRs. The Overall Delegate performance is better than other GCRs with performance better than The North Pacific’s delegate. So Amerion has done a great job than delegates. In terms of Stability its 5th on position with its diplomacy rapidly increasing. The civil rights are also significantly high. The major problem for TSP’s growth is its military. The Military’s presence has declined from the past 2 years. And a thought stream has been circulated in TSP that “if you join the military you can’t be a delegate”. I even witnessed that, but didn’t follow it. The decline in RP and Cultural activities also hinders TSP’s growth. Hence, TSP won’t be a superpower unless a mass leader rises. Also the problem is their use of the Moderation Team. TSP’s Moderation Team is controlled by few of its Cabinet advisors or Cabinet members and if a nation opposes their thought streams then that nation needs to be alert. Also the problem for TSP is there isn’t a law school or anything like that therefore, new nations face problems when brought to trial or want trial against other nations. TSP, in brief, needs a lot of progress. They need to use manpower wisely with some employment initiatives.

2. The East Pacific
The re-rise of The East Pacific is possible but tough. The East Pacific has been severely hit by inactivity, lack of diplomacy, civil and political rights, lack of Military Presence, the decline in cultural and RP activities, lack of stability and whatnot. The East Pacific’s rise needs a lot of hardship. The Government’s and Delegate’s performance has been terrible. The reappearance of its Founder ‘1 Infinite Loop’ has become a wave of celebration in the desert. TEP residents and citizens are ambitious, but a miracle can only help TEP. There has even been some fearmongering in few TEP nations that their founder would now be crowned as a king/emperor which can prevent these nation’s rise. So here the government’s role is crucial and they have to make sure that this propaganda is not bolstered as if the government remains numb then TEP’s rise is negligible.

3. The West Pacific
TWP’s story is also similar to TEP's story. In 2018 it was expected that TWP would become a NS Superpower, but somewhere the calculation went wrong. TWP has become a monarchy in which the delegate has the final word. TWP has also faced crisis in regards to activity, military, civil rights, diplomacy, stability and overall delegate and government performance. The only way TWP can rise from its ashes is through a revolution, but the current monarchy’s restrictions through its well known draconian law ‘The Manner of Governance of The West Pacific’ have deduced the possibilities of a revolution. TEP and TWP are facing the same problems due to different reasons and TWP’s condition is even worse.

4. The Pacific
The Pacific won’t exactly be the next superpower, but is surely a future superpower. The Pacific has been stably rising with its rise in activity, cultural activities, military, civil rights. The Pacifc even has the highest surge in Diplomatics movements. The Government and the Delegate have also performed well for the region, but the only loophole is stability.The Condemnation of The Pacific has not affected the region as one expected. The only hurdle in the Pacifc is its Emperor. The Emperor system and its Regent, the one who accedes to the throne, is the problem. The citizens though have good rights and hence makes The Pacific different from TWP. The citizens have the right to participate in the making amendments and such. The only way for The Pacfic’s rise is through a wise Emperor and not a selfish Emperor. And we can say that by 2024 to 2030 The Pacfic will be on the verge of becoming a superpower. That period will be crucial to see. For the time being The Pacific has to continue what it has been doing.

5. Lazarus
Lazarus is in some context a typical democracy. The image at your right is from their official information desk. Lazarus has managed to bounce back from the Lone Wolves United [LWU]’s raids and multiple coups. Lazarus has managed to notably make progress in Stability, Government and Delegate Performance, civil rights, Diplomacy, Military, Culture, etc. Lazarus won’t become a superpower any soon, but if stability is maintained Lazarus may become a superpower.

6. Osiris and Balder
Rise of Osiris as a superpower is also unlikely.Osiris is the only region in GCR to have less difference in any sphere. Osiris has been doing timely raiding and their military’s presence has also remarkably declined. Balder has the worst condition of all with the rule of a king and endorsement cap as low as 5 for not endorsing WAD and 15 for endorsing delegate. Balder’s rise as a superpower is also not possible. If both these regon’s ‘Regional Power’ becomes Extremely High that time they have their own capacity to be an emerging superpower.

7. Europeia
Europeia is indeed an emerging superpower. Europeia is a part of the World Assembly Legislative League [WALL] and hence has assistance from The North Pacific, the current superpower. Hence, Europeia has the potential to become the next superpower undoubtedly. Europeia has its own Military which has done operations with The Black Hawks and The North Pacific and even with Lone Wolves United. The only setback for Europeia is its number of WA members. If they manage to increase it above TNP, TSP, TEP then we may see Europeia dictate terms. Europeia has also already surpassed two GCRs.

8. Forest, Europe, The Communist Bloc
Europe and Forest both are emerging superpowers. Forest needs more WA nations while Europe also needs to do the same. Forest even lacks an army so we can rule out forest as a superpower until they have an army. Europe too doesn’t has army which reduces its potential as a superpower.The Communist Bloc is indeed another candidate to be a superpower. It won’t be the next, but will be playing a crucial role when it becomes one. The Communist Bloc needs its own army. It also needs more WA members. And the only way the communist bloc can be strong is by uniting other leftiist regions and merging to one identity for becoming a superpower. This is a rare phenomenon and will take a long time to happen.

9. 10000 islands
10000 islands can be considered as an emerging superpower. In NS indeed a crucial player. 10000 islands has its all boxes tick means it has its own army, civil rights and a lot and hence is strong. The only problem 10000 islands may face is diplomatic pressure, but it is competent enough to combat it.

10. The Rejected Realms
The Rejected Realms [TRR] can be another Emerging Superpower with TSP, TWP, TEP, The Pacific, Lazarus, 10000 islands, Europiea. The Rejected Realms has strong cultural activity, good military presence, good civil rights, good stability, good overall government and delegate performance. The only thing TRR is bad at is Activity and somewhere it is okay as it's a place for all banned nations. So the government should make some list public via dispatch telling the number of citizens and number of WA such details to make itself a better emerging superpower. The more productive government’s work would be a good sign for TRR’s growth, but this also is its soft power and strength. All numbers are confidential hence can make TRR the next superpower without letting other emerging powers know where TRR stands and how it became a superpower.

In the next part we will focus on the spheres of influence of these powers and how they are strong with few of their past plans as well as where they stand in the NS globe geo-politically. For now have a good day.

Raiding through loopholes

Written by Indusse

Recently, Casual talks on gameplay and its various functions revealed that nations who are aged between just founded to founded a year ago consider Raiding as a satanic act and thinks that raiding groups are 'Bad Bois' . These young nations find raiding limited to a group of evil mercenaries who try to earn fame through such acts. But,this isn't applicable to all. If you ask about raiders to sixty percent of the nations in this particular category, you will certainly find that they're primary answer to the question will be The Black Hawks, who are said to be the most dangerous raiders in Nationstates. Whereas, some nations may answer one more raider group which is also well known in the community. That raider group known as The Lily is also strong but normally is kept behind the hawks. Just like these so called Evil raider groups, the Community has groups who are known as Defenders or Liberators. Just like these groups dominate the R/D gameplay there exist a group of people known as the Unaligned . The Defenders and Liberators are being considered the opposite of the raiders that means those who are here to eradicate the evil mercenaries from the community.
The most known of these groups are the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organisation or TITO. TITO has been part of various commendable operations and secret missions. These groups also play a important role in the outlook and development of its home region. The existence of TITO is one of the main reasons why 10000 Islands is still flourishing. Other groups like The Grey Wardens also play a important role in Liberations. While most of the well developed region has its own strong forces,many may not know about small or not that big regions who is also conducting such operations. Regions like The East Pacific and The South Pacific has its own armies which also helps them to take part in such operations.
Just like the two faces of the coin, raiding and defending plays a major part in the gameplay, Having the same mechanism where one coups over another, both raiders and defenders are technically doing the same type of action. These groups can change their alignments where the heroes become the villains and the villains vice-versa. Everything is just probability, no one knows what's in one's mind…..

Nuking the World!

Written by Madhyarashtra

N-DAY, a remarkable part and event of Nationstates, It's the day of nuclear annihilation of the entire world which is the closest feature to war on Nationstates, isn't it? So want to know when this day of Mutually Assured Destruction or the day of 'MAD'ness, began ? Let's dive in!
N-Day originally began as an "April Fool's Day minigame" and was held on April 1st 2017. After a nation named Flanderion suggested that it be held in a yearly manner, Max Barry announced that it would be held again, on April 29th which was planned to coincide with the "International Day against Nuclear Tests" on August 29th of that year. As a result N-Day 1 and N-Day 2 both were " celebrated" on the same year i.e 2017.

N-Day 3 started with a immense nuclear hellfire on Augustin Android who were the second N-Day's winners. This knockout paved out the way to the champd of N-Day 3 - Uppercut with a score of more than 100,000 points.

N-Day 4 was a tough fight, with Uppercut (N-Day 3's winners) being betrayed and backstabbed by their own ally - Horsemen of the Apocalypse which paved their path to victory for N-Day 4.

N-Day 5 which was bloodier than ever with more nuclear hellfire when compared to it's predecessors. I would like to quote Max Barry here - "In time-honored tradition, last year's winners, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, were everybody's favorite targets, finishing in last place" May this tradition continue till the end! Let's now speak about the Potato Alliance, shall we?

The Potato Alliance started out with the most amount of radiation at about 200,000 points of radiation I believe, but at the end they managed to fight back to almost the first rank but were dethroned by the Augustin Android just on time for N-Day 5 to end. That was ridiculously fast, may I say?

With this I'd like to quote Max, once again - " If a lot of people want to nuke something, it can get really nuked." - I do agree with this for sure.

Anyways, I hope everyone's geared up for Nuclear Annihilation - Part 6, for the next year. Keep your Nuclear Stockpile ready, and Happy Nuking!!

Navratri : The Holy Nine Days

Written by Awell Islands and Oogaoogaoogachaka

Navratri is aal festival celebrated all-over India. We are taking a tour of how people celebrate them. First, we take the train and visit Gujarat in the west.

Navratri, a Hindu festival celebrating Goddess Durga in her Ambe Maa form.
Navratri is celebrated for nine days, each symbolizing one of the nine forms of Goddess Amba. In the western most state of India called Gujarat, the Gujarati’s celebrate the nine days by dancing in devotion and fun every single night.
The world’s oldest and longest dance festival is celebrated by Gujarati people every year during the nine nights falling sometime in October usually, in accordance with the Hindu calendar.
The dance form is called garba which involves clapping your hands in a rhythm in accordance with the high tempo and amazing Gujarati music, and going in a circle around the Goddess’s murti (idol). It is the most fun and most awaited time for all Gujarati people and the celebration goes late into the night, sometimes ending at 3 or 4 in the morning.
The world’s largest Navratri festival where they do garba is in the Gujarati city of Vadodara (formerly called Baroda). Around 60,000 people participated and danced around the live band and singers and the idol.These dancing Navratri celebrations happen all around the world wherever the Gujarati people have resided and is the main celebration for all Gujarati's apart from Diwali. The Gujarati population represents 1/3 of the entire Indian overseas people with the largest population of overseas Gujarati's residing in the United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, East Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Famous Gujarati people include many MPs in Great Britain, Narendra Modi (the current Prime Minister of India), Mahatma Gandhi (freed India from British rule), Vallabhbhai Patel (the man who united all of the kingdoms in India to create one big country and a freedom fighter and successful politician), and Mukesh Ambani (the richest man in Asia).
Additionally, half of all motels in America are owned by Gujarati's!

Navratri celebrations in the East of India especially West Bengal is totally unique. The festival of Durga Puja holds a special place in the state of West Bengal, as lakhs and crores of people flock to the ever-revered pandals and their beautifully crafted idols to pay respects and marvel at the sheer divinity of the goddess Durga. The festival is, quite obviously, celebrated all over the country but what makes the state of West Bengal special during this period is the heritage that is out on display during this time. From the divine eyes of the deity’s idols o the menacing grimace on the face of the defeated Mahishasura, there is a sense of ever-present joy in the way the festival is championed in the state. From idol designs which inculcate and fuse the ideals of Western and Indian designs to those which revel in the classical beauty of the simplistic yet intricate process of crafting the Goddess and her family, along with their animal companions and of course the villain whose defeat is being celebrated, there is a wide variety of beautiful concepts which are showcased every year through the lens of Durga Puja.
People, irrespective of caste, religion, gender or race, stream out on the streets of the cities in the state to feast their eyes on the beautifully crafted idols and the creatively thought-up pandals, as they channel their inner joy to their surroundings. There is a sense of awe which is associated with the puja celebrations, from the captivating Dhunuchi Naach to the focused ceremonies, there is a whole assortment of activities which are carried out throughout this period which are, in essence, an embodiment of the spirit of enjoyment in the hearts of all Indians.
This year, however, there has been an unfortunate obstacle in the form of the Coronavirus Disease, which has raged and rampantly cruise through the Indian populous and left in its wake death, pain and destruction. This seemed to have done enough to put an end to the upcoming festivities. This, however, turned out to be a false notion, as the pujas were moved towards with a previously unknown vigour, which included a concern for each-other's health. There are social distancing norms in place, and though it is not encouraged, people are still venturing out in flocks to view the pujas, masks and face shields equipped to the fullest.
At first glance, this shows the resilience of the Indian people and the determination which has made possible the festivities in the first place this year, but there still remains an underlying notion of doubt, as to what will happen with regard to the spread of the disease. Do, to end this article, I would like to put out a request- not to the people of West Bengal, but to all Indians- with Durga Puja in full swing and Diwali Coming up, keep a sense of caution in your minds and do not crowd in places, keep a safe distance from others, maintain all protectionary measures, and attempt to stay safe, and keep others safe. Ensure that the festive fervour is not carried forward at the cost of human life, and show the world the uniqueness of our country by making this festive season safe yet enjoyable, so that it doesn't become your last.

Pride of India

Written by Indusse

Do you guys have budding authors in your region? Do you promote them? We do. RIHAAM and Oogaoogaoogachaka are two young idols almost the same age of the delegate, both of them presented excellent quality of articles and writings to the world. The main star here is Rihaam, who's from the state of West Bengal in India. He's a budding author with a good sense of humour and creativity. But what makes him our pride? That's the question. Rihaam has written his own short Novel ( It isn't a Novella) and published it via Amazon Kindle. The 100-120 paged book called The Dying Lamp captivated its readers with a feeling of reading a quality, suggestible content. He was interviewed by The Equator ( and was given various awards for his writing. He is now in the work of his new book called LinkEternally in Peace, he had released the cover page of the book last week. Oogaoogaoogachaka is a blogger who has his own site which acts as a writer's bloc. He is really interested on article writing and is articulate on his work. Rihaam also posts small articles in various sites and in the site owned by Oogaoogaoogachaka. as the site is called can be found by searching on the web. If you feel that you want to try reading Rihaam's book named 'The Dying Lamp' then, please follow the given link. Even if you aren't reading it, please do read atleast a book every week. Reading should be a regular habit to everyone.
“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

Indian Website:
American (.com) Website:

What the epic teaches us: Ramayana

Written by Hindu Mahasabha

Ramayan as an epic is an eternal source of guidance to mankind about how to live life in a manner such that it benefits society and commits no acts that one lives to regret later.

Lord Rama is not the only one whose actions leave an indelible mark on our minds. Almost every person of the Ayodhya royals ie the family of Maharaj Dashrath is steeped in principles.

Reading stories from the great epic written by sage Valmiki about the principled prince (and later King) of Ayodhya to children at an impressionable age will give them the perspective and direction in life.

If one were to observe closely, the Ramayan gives us a number of lessons in ethics:

1. Family is important.
2. Be careful of temptations
3. Respect your enemy.
4. Ultimately good won over evil, but gave us lessons in ethics, integrity and righteous behaviour.
5. Choose the path of righteousness

10 years of India (Coming Soon...)