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The Liberty Gala 2020: Defender Games

Defender Games

What would a festival on defending be without some actual R/D games? Take some time to come compete against your fellow defenders, try out new things, and have some fun during update with challenges and games! All of the R/D games will take place on The Liberty Gala's Discord which can be found linked at the bottom of this dispatch. Naturally, these are all flexible plans that could change at any given time depending on how update looks.

These games will be broken up into 3 different components: team, individual, and regional as well as be hosted during both minor and major, depending on the day. This should allow the maximum amount of people to participate and provide a wide variety of experiences of what defending looks like.

Team Games:

Team games will consist of some friendly competitions and challenges between 3 teams in the discord. To participate, you should enter signups found Linkhere at least 2 hours before minor update (12 pm EDT) on October 20th. After signing up, you will be assigned to one of three teams and asked to create a team name, flag, and elect a team captain. Team Captains will be responsible for leading their teams to victory and are recommended to be experienced defenders, but there are no requirements and they will be selected solely by their team.

Teams will compete in a variety of competition & collaborative based events set to a point system to determine an overall winning team. Here are the team-based events occurring:

1. Telephone

    Telephone will be much like the RL game where your Team Captain will be given the name of a region as a target and try to convey it to their entire team. Your captain cannot say the region name, but rather attempt to describe it with adjectives (ex: apple = red, round, edible). The words and guesses will pass down from person to person by DM until the very last person, and everyone is encouraged to have an individual guess. Once the target region is determined, your team will move there as quickly as possible, and a correct move results in 1 point for your team. If the region updates before you can determine it, you must move on to the next region.

2. Relay Trivia

    Everyone in your team will begin in a starting region with a trivia question. Answer the question correctly, and your team moves forward into another region with yet another question. The first team to reach the end region wins 1 point. Clearly, the faster you organize your team to move to the region and answer the question, the more likely you are to win.

3. Detag/Chase

    One team detags, one team chases. Whichever team wins the delegacy of the region gets 1 point per. Simple enough, right?

Points will be collected on a spreadsheet to determine the winning team overall. Team Captains will be expected to produce team rosters for each event in order to track who is who and aid with point collection.

Individual Competitions:

Individual competitions will be non-WA competitions where you can face off against your peers in specific skill challenges as well as try your hand at new things you've never done before. Winners of their respective competitions can expect some Trading Card rewards to pad their egos along with bragging rights. There will be 3 competitions as outlined below:

    1. Jumping on a trigger
    2. Chasing
    3. Triggering

If you have never tried any of these things before, don't worry! This is your chance to try it. We strongly suggest you come check it out and experience new skills that will help you grow to be a better defender overall.

Regional Pile-off:

Running alongside the Individual competitions, we'll be hosting a regional pile-off in a currently undisclosed region. Each regional organization can compete to pile to the delegacy with the most people and hold it to the end of the event. Delegates will not be allowed to banject, so this will be a pure numbers game to flex your organization's piling capabilities. The winner gets bragging rights, of course.


Monday, October 19
  • Signups open at festival launch and can be found Linkhere

Tuesday, October 20

  • Signups close 2 hours before Minor, participants will be assigned to teams

  • Team Name & Team Flag contests begin

  • Team Captain elections begin

Thursday, October 22

  • Telephone: team game starts at major

Friday, October 23

  • Relay Trivia: team game starts at 9 pm EDT / 1 am UTC

Saturday, October 24

  • Detag/Chase: team competition at minor

Sunday, October 25

  • Detag/Chase: team competition at major

  • Regional Pile-off begins after Detag/Chase around +1:00

Monday, October 26

  • Individual Competition: Jumping on Triggers at minor

Wednesday, October 28

  • Individual Competition: Chasing at minor

Thursday, October 29

  • Pile-off ends at major, winner announced

Saturday, October 31

  • Detag/Chase: team competition at minor


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